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Switched to Git

Just putting up a quick note here as to get most possible exposure:

We switched the main sourcecode repository from SVN to Git. The svn repository is still online but read-only.

See instructions on how to "clone" (= svn checkout) the Git repository here:

More informations about this change (and more) in our dev's blog: read more

Posted by pompei2 2011-05-30

Late Halloween Release

Release 0.0.4 online!

It's about time. After two years of hard work and several days of going nuts, we finally present the 0.0.4 Late Halloween Release.
In the first place, we wanted to pull out the release on time for Halloween, but unfortunately a few bugs made the release-date slip, that's the reason for the "Late".

In this version, you can register and create your own profile. You can join various chatrooms or create your own. When creating your account in-game, you are automatically registered on our gamepage ( and our forum. This makes it possible to easily create a community around the game.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2010-11-03

Updates, but no release

Sorry for the long time without news here, I completely forgot about these!

Bad news first: we still don't have a new release!

Summary of the recent changes:
* We have a new website (not completely done yet):,
* We are integrating a scripting language: Dao (,
* We are drawing a map of the world and will start with the story soon,
* We are still working on the 3D model format.
* Come chat with us: #arkana-fts @

Posted by pompei2 2010-06-29

Not sleeping

Hi guys (and gals),

just a little update to show you that we're not sleeping:
Don't be afraid, this is just programmer's art and looks really sucky! We'll have much nicer animations/models in the game.
It's just a tech demo to show you how far we are: skeletal animation and "attach points" (the yellow "sword" is attached dynamically to the model).... read more

Posted by pompei2 2009-11-03

New server!

I have bought a virtual server at that will (finally) let you go online in Arkana-FTS. Although you can't *play* online yet, it is already possible to create a gamer account, login, chat with other players and see a list of games.

All of this is already done and will be available to you with the next release that is planned for August. Until then, you can still visit our forums at and get in touch with us.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2009-07-28

Bugs & Linux version

Hello all,

beside some little bugs that were found and reported by you users (most by Chitzui) and are being fixed, there is a big problem in the linux version:

Although the INSTALL file states some older version of the SDL is OK, the game only compiles with the newest SDL version (1.2.13).

A quick fix to this is to just comment out the following lines in keys.cpp:
return ScrollLeft;
return ScrollRight;
And everything should work. This bug is fixed in the svn trunk.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2008-12-31

Arkana: 0.0.3 Christmas Release

Arkana - Fight to survive (FTS) is a 3D real time strategy game, that is similar to (but not a clone of) Warcraft 3, AOE 3, EE, ... There will be a campaing, a single player and a multiplayer mode. See the website for more details.

A new version with a lot of changes is out now!

It's the version 0.0.3, a Christmas release!

You can read more informations about it in your language (eng, fr, ger) at our homepage:

Posted by pompei2 2008-12-24

Server, gamepage and logo

Hello all,

As always, sorry for the long silence ...
I have purchased a server, but then found out it has no port-forwarding and they won't give me a single port (it's a virtual server). Thus I need to write a workaround for the connection going trough the apache server etc. This will take some time as I'm the only one writing the server and am currently in my exams phase at university.

We won't make a release before the server is done, as nearly all improvements to Arkana-FTS have been made in the online-part of the game. We now have chatrooms, gamestarting and some more. After this release we intend to release early, release often, as we will have a stable update infrastructure.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2008-09-04

Logo contest and soon a new release.


There is not yet a real "fts logo" there, that's why we open this contest: draw what you think could be a logo for Arkana - FTS, send it to us (pompei2 A T gmail D O T com) with "arkana contest" in the subject, and we will choose the one we like most and make it the OFFICIAL FTS LOGO ! We hope to get much entries :) There is no official deadline, as we don't know when exactly the next release will be. One month or two maybe.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2007-11-22

What's up ?

I think its time for some news ...
* Are you sleeping ?
- No, but I will soon :)
* Then, when will the next update come ?
- We have currently worked on online-gaming, now we need a new server, as our old one is death. As soon as we have set up a server, we'll make an update with a lot of changes !

Does anyone have a root-server and wants to share it with us ? that would be great and avoid us buying a new one.... read more

Posted by pompei2 2007-05-23

New website

Ok, the old website was empty and shitty :p now there is a new one, that is nice and informative, no more empty page. And a poll, please vote :)

Posted by pompei2 2007-02-26

Version 0.0.3 rocks the place !

Yeah ! The version 0.0.3 is out right now. Featuring the brand new maps, check it out :) You can either download the windows installer or update your current Arkana - FTS using the FTS Updater.

The linux port is still in work, as i couldn't load to my linux system ...

All textures created by moOshiE.

Posted by pompei2 2007-02-20

New version: 0.0.2

A new version of FTS is out: the version 0.0.2 !
To install it, just update FTS using the FTSUpdater ;)

The main changes are the ability to create accounts, so everybody has its own options, savegames, ...

Other changes:
- CEGUI 0.5
- New tool: miniupdater, used to update the dlls and FTSUupdater.
- FTS.exe is now a starter, that means more flexible updates are possible.
- Many bug and translation fixes.

Posted by pompei2 2007-01-03

FTS is not death

No, it isn't ... it's just that the university takes a lot of my time now and i can work less on FTS. But i'm still working on it. There should come a new release soon with accounts added.

Posted by pompei2 2006-12-30

initial release

The first release of Arkana - FTS has been uploaded. There is yet only the windows binary version. source code and linux binaries will come later. (maybe only with version 0.0.2)

You can't do that much yet, only look at th nice menu, choose some options and load animated 3D models, that's it basically. I think it's enough for a version 0.0.1 :p

Posted by pompei2 2006-10-25

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