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#22 Add button for mpd 'single song' mode

Ario (11)
Maks Verver

'Single song' mode is a useful feature of mpd, causing it to stop playback after each song (or repeatedly play a single song if 'repeat' mode is on too). It would be nice if Ario had a button to toggle this mode on (and off!)

The patch I've attached is very similar to Sandro Hannemann's earlier patch to add a button for 'consume' mode (which, like 'single' mode, was introduced in mpd 0.15).

I have yet to add an icon for this (I'm using an ugly one for testing) — I'd appreciate it if someone with more aptitude for graphic design than me would make one, but if I need to add one before this patch can be accepted, let me know and I'll try to make one!


  • Maks Verver

    Maks Verver - 2013-04-19

    A simple icon.

  • Marc Pavot

    Marc Pavot - 2013-05-05


    I also have no aptitude for graphic design so I will wait for someone to propose an icon before accepting this patch.


  • Maks Verver

    Maks Verver - 2013-05-06

    Well, I did upload *an* icon. I don't know if you consider it nice enough or not.

    An alternative to cluttering the top-right of the player window with buttons would be to put these toggles in the control menu instead (or in addition to the buttons). They would fit there nicely, I think.

    As with Sandro's patch, it is useful to have at least *some* way to control this mode in case it gets turned on by another mpd client (I often use ncmpc myself).


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