#97 CLI for pause/play, next/previous, status


Feature request for the ability to issues pause/play, next/previous, status commands through the command line.

This might seem a bit redundant because of the number of CLI MPD clients out there, but here's my use case.

I have one instance of Ario running on my laptop. I use my laptop at my house, office, and hacker space. All three of these locations have different MPD servers running on different addresses. In Ario I have 3 different profiles, one for each location. Additionally I have a local media library on my laptop through Banshee. Currently I have global hot key shortcuts for Banshee to play/pause, next, previous.

It would be great if I could replace the direct Banshee CLI commands I'm issuing for each hot key with a script. The script would check to see if I'm running Ario, poll Ario for a status on if it's connected to a server, if it is than issue the play/pause, next/previous command to Ario. If not than send those commands to Banshee.

I could script this with mpc, but would have to come up with some crafty ways of determining if I'm on a network with an MPD server, if Ario is connected, etc, without waiting for a connection time out to occur if the MPD server actually isn't there.

Make sense?

Also your client rocks! Thanks for making it. :)


  • Mr. Wolf

    Mr. Wolf - 2012-08-23

    Just 'mee too', the same usecase here. I found this page while searching for Ario command line arguments.
    BTW thank you for best Linux client! :-)

  • Henne

    Henne - 2013-01-04

    Ario is a mpd-client, so command-line arguments are no use unless you want to access features that are ario's and not mpd's. Play/Pause/Stop does not apply here. Why not simply use mpc in your scripts? That's what I do.

    The only feature of ario which would be nice to have running in background is it's dynamic playlist. Song change notifications you can for instance get with http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Hack:mpd-notify.py, running in userspace.


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