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  • brenze

    brenze - 2008-02-27


    I've got a problem with Ario: i can't display the covers. When i'm using Sonata, it works perfectly so i wonder how to configure Ario to display the covers. Can someone tell me what i can do to be abe to display the covers ?

    The covers are both in the tags of my ogg and mp3 files and as a file named "folder.jpg" stored in each album folder (to load faster)...
    Anyway, this client looks promising, so i'll keep an eye on it :p

    • Marc Pavot

      Marc Pavot - 2008-03-01


      Ario can download album covers from Amazon but cannot get these covers from the album folder.

      This limitation is due to the fact that this functionality cannot work if your MPD server is on another host than Ario.
      Sonata get these covers because you specify your local music folder in the preferences but it's not possible with Ario for now. It wouldn't be hard to add this feature as a plugin for next Ario release. I will see if I have time to do it or if anyone else is interested...

      In the meantime you can download album covers for an artist or an album with a right click in the library view and them using "Get the covers from Amazon".

      You can also use the menu entry "Tools"->"Download album covers" to get all albums covers from amazon.


    • brenze

      brenze - 2008-03-07

      OK, thanx for your answer.

      Anyway a possibility to display the "local" covers would be great in my case because i made some personal compilations with specific covers so Amazon will not be able to find those covers :p

    • Marc Pavot

      Marc Pavot - 2008-03-13

      I have implemented the usage of "local" covers. You can use the svn version of Ario to try it now or you can wait for the next release.


    • brenze

      brenze - 2008-04-05

      Thanks a lot for your work !

      For now, i'll wait for a new release. But if i'm sometime courageous enough, i'll grab the svn version.


    • weedy

      weedy - 2009-01-15

      It doesn't find folder.jpg for me (actually I might have a couple folder.gif or folder.png). All my albums have at least one image file alongside the music files.

      [I] media-sound/ario
           Available versions:  (~)1.1 (~)1.2 {audioscrobbler dbus debug idle libnotify nls python zeroconf}
           Installed versions:  1.2(07:38:01 AM 16/01/09)(dbus idle libnotify nls python -audioscrobbler -debug -zeroconf)


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