Printing invoices...

  • Johan

    Johan - 2004-11-16

    when trying to print an invoice I get the following error message :
    Error retrieving gl accounts from arcompany.

    Any ideas ?

    Did I set something up wrong or is this a bug ?



    • Chan Min Wai

      Chan Min Wai - 2004-11-16

      This is a bug but I forgot how it is being solved...
      Something about the Account was defined uncorrectly in the page of loading this invoice...

    • Johan

      Johan - 2004-11-17

      Oh heck ! The package works great but This is only the most important aspect of it... printing an invloice... ha ha ha that's what keeps us in business.
      I realise that the opensource community is not big on invoicing...please please please give it some thought, I've spent hours entering months of data knowing that there's just a little mod I'm missing around the corner.

      regards and thanks for your response !

      • Chan Min Wai

        Chan Min Wai - 2004-11-17

        Have a look on the patch session and see if you can find any things useful...

        I'm sorry to say that I'm alone on this work... and I'm abit too busy to do that...

        I hope that I can really came back to this later.

    • Johan

      Johan - 2004-11-19

      Hi Chan, I found the solution !
      It simply required an entry into the 'arcompany' table... so by adding an image URL solved the problem.
      If you need help... I am eager to get involved and help with the development, and also to add my modifications to future releases if you deem them relevant...


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