Is anyone actually using Aria? (esp. in UK?)

  • Tony

    Tony - 2004-07-20


    I'd like to use Aria, because it's based on MySQL.

    But I'm reluctant because:

    - I've read that it's being replaced by GNUe business (which isn't available yet), and in a separate article - that MySQL is being dropped.

    - I can't find any information on how suitable the product is for use in England. Specifically, does it handle VAT calculations correctly? And does it facilitate lodging returns electronically?

    - The message boards are empty, and it feels as though the project is (unofficially) dead and buried? (I posted questions on the wiki site over 2 weeks ago, and there was no response).

    So I wonder if anyone is actually using it? And more importantly, does anyone in the United Kingdom have any first hand experience with it?



    • Chan Min Wai

      Chan Min Wai - 2004-11-17

      Well, It is half death unless I can get someone who are willing to help to build this up again.

    • Johan

      Johan - 2004-11-19

      Hi Tony... in a hearty effort: yea :)
      I've found the system to be really flexable and modifications fairly easy. As for the UK, logically it shouldnt pose any problems: I'm tailoring a version that will eventually comply to the French system... where salary charges etc are a night-mare to say the least.



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