Help with Install using Oracle

  • Michael Graybill

    Ok I got it to work great with MySQL but we want to use our Oracle database instead. When I run the setup I get this error.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ora_plogon() in /var/www/arias/includes/adodb/drivers/ on line 103

    Can someone please help?

    • Chan Min Wai

      Chan Min Wai - 2004-04-22

      May I know how you import your database into Oracle.
      And where you get that error?

      Thank You

    • Michael Graybill

      I am trying to do the initil setup from  http://servername/setup/index.php

      It is an Oracle 9 db and I have the Oracle 9 client installed on the machine.

      I get this error when I am at this page

      Database access information.
      Database Server ( is local machine)        
      Database Name        
      Database User    
      Database Password    
      Don't create database (I have created it already)    
      Import database    

      I hit the next button and that error appears.

      Is there something Im doing wrong? Is there another way to set this up with Oracle?

      By the way, the box this is on is RH 9


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