#73 Wow Are You Serious


So you insult me for enjoying your game. That is incridable ppl. Well it is again some bullshit i get banned for playing to much. Since you have obviously stated you dont want me in your community ill move on. Thks for the few weeks of entertainment. If my ban is ever removed im sure ill come back to hang out with me friends.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well this will be my last message i was told you will never unban cause i have upset you. Well news flash genius i am mad also. I wasnt nearly 300 hours of my life of your little project. Did everything i could to help help and give ideas. My reward was to get banned for playing to much. I dont see in the rules where having no life was a crime. Well it apears you all dont want dedicated players like myself. I thought i fit into your community i guess not. It is sad i was banned for just playing the game by the rules. It is sad you insult me for playing your game many hours cause it was fun. I have friends and family but i dont have the luxery of everything msot has. I live hard so i choose to stay in the house and game it keep me out of trouble. Thks for ruining that. Plus i hope you adjust the way you run your server cause it will surely stay the same size or fail if you treat ppl this way. Again i did nothing wrong and was banned. I played to much and was insulted by the creator for it... wtf indeed

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    I am sorry that you feel insulted by my comment. I did not intend to make fun of you, but I am genuine concerned.

    As I said, I cannot do the review, so my opinion does not matter for your ban.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    • assigned_to: nobody --> nhnb
    • status: open --> closed


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