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Hello all :)
I have an idea, but I do not know whether it is feasible. I think it can be nice if I can ask a NPC : " who is in hell?" or " Who is in dreamscape?" or "Who is in kika 6 ?" ..."kika clouds?"... Not for all places in the game, ofcours this can not work. But I think for this places it can be helpfully.
Well, I hope you understand what I mean.
What do you think about it?
Thanks for reading!
I wish a nice day,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    with "who" other players are meant of course and not "creatures" ;o)))
    Greetings, erdnuggel ;o)

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2009-04-22

    we have a script which is for admins which is called WhereWho.class and it states where all players are in the game - which zones they are in. i wondered about this as a slash command(not a script) becoming open for players who had completed a certain quest, say. taking a zone name as a parameter is an interesting idea. do you think it could be abused, though? and what in game reason can be given for you being able to have such great knowledge? you got really really good at telepathy? how would it be given, i mean, what task is appropriate ( i don't think it shoudl come free, i think it's something that only more advanced players shoudl be allowed)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I must not know the names of the players who are, for example, in dreamscape. However, I could save the way and the costs in dreamscape if I knew whether somebody is there. It is not a matter of supervising somebody or of spying. I think I have wrong described it or have translated.
    One would not have to use needlessly scrolls.
    But many thanks for the answer.
    Greetings, erdnuggel

  • Teiv

    Teiv - 2009-04-22

    First i have to say, i really like the idea for an NPC knowing who is where. Sometimes it is really annoying, you want to kill a necrosophia and first thing you read when you reach dreamscape is "XXX has killed XXX".
    BUT for the places you want to know if someone is there, it is easily to check. Because you have the feature of /who and /where. First you have to use /who have to check which highlevel (i think about 150+) characters are online and check with /where where they are you really know if someone is in the place you like to be.
    If this could ever implemented it should only be used by players with really good karma (like 100+ or so) and should cost a minimum of the half of your karma, so you have to use it wisly.

    But all in all, i have to say it is not needed to have such a NPC, because you can check is with commands you still have.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi again :-)
    Ok, how I said: It was only an idea.
    I understand your aguments kymara and juri.
    Thanks again for the answers :o)
    Have a nice evening,
    greetings erdnuggel

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2009-05-02

    So what was the conclusion, better to stick with what we have? Or still useful feature so long as we don't tell who is there and it costs a lot? (i'd still end up using /who in that case i think!)



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