#161 [Stendhal] Extend domestic animals


Why only growing Sheep to sell them to the

Maybe one could teach them Tricks, give them
armor, eaven weapons to make a real companion
of them ...

the part with the tricks might be a bit
compicated to implement. But the principle
of gaining Levels could be in reach.

The Idea of growing an ownn Monster is surely
known from other games ... and it might have a
nice tamagochi effect.

There could be a pet-shop where baby-monsters
are sould wich have differen potentials ...


  • Hendrik Brummermann

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  • Hendrik Brummermann

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    I think this is related to mort's idea of "domestic animals".

  • Snaketails

    Snaketails - 2006-10-05

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    Having a sheep as a companion?? Hmmm Are you a New Zealander
    by any chance?

  • Athana

    Athana - 2006-11-21

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    That sheep or monster must be fast like you. Waiting the sheep to approach you everytime is very boring.

  • ChadF

    ChadF - 2006-12-14

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    Couldn't find a "domestic animals" post (word of mouth?), so I'll add to this one.

    If pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, hawks, etc..) where added they would be as fast (if not faster) than the player. Ideally they would eventually have different personalities based on the type of animal:

    - Dog: Tends to stay by the owner's side. Everytime another player/npc comes around, it gets all excited for a while (e.g. runs around them, barks alot). When the owner (anyone?) throws a stick (wood), it will fetch it. When other dogs are need, they tend to "sniff" each other.

    - Cat: Doesn't follow as closely (more walks around the owner's path). Tends to chase after rats nearby. Maybe fights with other cats.

    - Ferret: Constantly searches around. Picks up things laying around and drops them by owner.

    - Hawk: Follows owner from a distance.. flys toward owner when they get to far away, but otherwise tend to pirch and wait. Attacks rats on sight.

    In general they attack anyone attacking their owner (as expected). Once you have a pet, the only ways to get rid of it is to give it back to the pet shop (or sell for a reduced value), if it dies, or you die. If you die, it will be left abandoned to roam until you come back to get it, or until another player takes ownership (it may even tag along with any player it sees if it's alone, but not be owned by it.. a free agent of sorts).

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2008-01-31

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    dine and mort started something with getting sheep sheared ... to make wool ... we have loads of images for this now ... are we ever going to use them?

  • Hendrik Brummermann

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  • Hendrik Brummermann

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