#1333 [client Core] use rpgmaker vx standarts


Remake the current sprites/Outfit tech. to match rpg vx since then it makes lesser work for everyone who wants to add things, right now there is to much to do.


  • Hendrik Brummermann


    what is the difference between the Charas-format used by Stendhal and rpg vx? Do you have a link to the specification? I did not find any details on rpg vx, but the images look exactly the same as the charas format.

  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2014-11-11

    Let's keep Stendhal unique. :)

  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2014-12-15

    RPGMaker is a proprietary program. Using their formats may violate license terms. Charas isn't bad, but, I personally would like to see characters, NPCs, and creatures with a little more of a top-down look. Much of Stendhal maps and tiles use somewhere between about a 45 and 60 degree POV angle, I'm guessing. Most sprites seem to use an angle between about 75 and 90 degrees. Would look nicer if sprites matched the environment.

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  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2014-12-15
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  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2014-12-23

    Map tiles should be from 45 degree angle (with the interior walls being the exception). There may be images from different angle, but these should be fixed. (Then there are the images whose exact view angle is impossible to tell - there are fine as long as the look fine)

    The view angle of the current characters is a bit difficult to tell - the characters are short, but the top of the head is not shown and the feet are shown very close to each other. I would not mind having something more consistent, but there are a lot of images to change.

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    Anonymous - 2014-12-27

    Yes. It's true that it would be a huge job.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

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