#1229 Prevent PKers from Immediately Logging Out


Twice now I have been attacked by another player who, when I was about to deal a finishing blow, logged off. I was a little frustrated that my attacker had an "easy way out". I think there should be a another consequence for attacking attacking another player. If you attack, or fight, another player there should be a timer that starts that prevents you from logging out, maybe for a minute or so. This might make some players think twice about attacking another since they won't be able to escape as easily.

Of course, there are ways to circumvent this. Like shutting down the client abnormally. To deal with this the player's character could be forced to stay logged in for 1 minute even if the client is shut down, thus they give up control of their character.

Whether or not the retaliator should be able to log out immediately, I don't know. Should he/she be free from the consequence for defendending one's self? Or should they suffer the same result?


  • bluelads4

    bluelads4 - 2013-01-14

    I'm not sure if that questions the whole pvp system in a way. PVP isn't forbidden and players should normally take care of their characters online, like when someone is under attack he should try to run away, log off, scroll away for not being killed. There are lots of saved areas around at which others can't attack one anymore. As though as pvp isn't against the rules, any penalties seem to be kind of unfair or not comprehensible... But that is just my point of view.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Wont fix as discussed in the past.

    PS: I strongly advice against using bots.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2013-01-16

    @bluelads: But aren't there already penalties for Player Killing? The skull, increased prices and not being able to sell to certain NPCs? I wasn't trying to say that PvP shouldn't be allowed. I just hate it when I retaliate from an attacker and he/she logs off because he/she is losing. It's like robbing a store without having to worry about being caught. If things go bad just pull the plug.

    I absolutely believe that players who are being attacked should have the option to escape/run away/log off. But for someone who makes the choice to attack another or fight back the stakes should be a little higher.

    Honestly, I feel like this could promote the PvP system. Players might be more willing to retaliate against attackers if they feel the can deal a finishing blow and loot their spoils.



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