#1216 Display of the floating HP figures for damage dealt/received


In the game, damages received from a monster and damages given to a monster appear in red.
Red for one and red for the other, sometimes we fail to see the damage given or the damage received. Why?
- with the monster and player's name, damages appear behind them. So when the monster's name is long and it touches our name this can be hide damages
- when we fight a monster upwards to his, damages given and received are confused

In first time, it would be nice if damages appear ahead name of player and monster.
In second time, the color of the two damages would be different. For example, one red, the other yellow, this is an example.
And eventually in third time, the path of damage doesn't be go up. Why not an elliptic path, one go to the left for damages given and other to the right or just at random(but this third change is more for the design)


  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2012-08-18

    Changing the numbers to be in front of the hp bar and name (or just the name as seeing the hp bar is arguably more important) would be easy. Changing it so that it's in front of the titles of *all* entities is a bit more complicated as it would require changing drawing the entities in 2 phases to drawing them in 3 phases (4 phases if treating the tittle and hp bars differently).

    More colours wouldn't be difficult either, but requires consideration: should it be players vs monsters, or the user vs everyone else? Also healing should likely also handled similarly, if we decide that player healing should be differentiated.

    Floater paths are a bit of a matter of taste. Any predictable path has the issue that the paths will overlap at least partially depending on the positions of the fighters, though the overlap won't be as complete as with the straight up for everyone in case a user/player/monster division is implemented.

    I don't particularly like random paths, because then the damages are at unpredictable places, and become hard to associate with particular attacks, or even with particular entities in crowded battles common in stendhal.

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    Anonymous - 2012-08-18

    So for example, if all the suggestions are implemented except the random path, I'll see a fight like that(pve and pvp):
    -XP earned go up in blue
    -PV earned go up too in green
    -Damage given go to the opposite of us with a elliptic or other path. So if I fight and that the monster is at my right, the damage given will go to the right too. Maybe this damage can be yellow but not red.
    By cons, if the player fight a monster or other player in upwards or downwards to it, it must define a rule: for example, damage given go to the right and damage received to the left.
    -Damage received go to the opposite of us as damage given, this damage is red.
    -Damage from a poison, if we are in a fight then the rule of path's damage is applied.
    In the other side, if the player is not in a fight, poison damage go up, this damage is red too.

    So I see a better fight like that to me. What do you think about it?

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    Anonymous - 2012-08-18

    *- Counter to damage given, damage received are to us. This damage is red.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2012-09-16

    Updated subject line to be more helpful

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2012-09-16
    • summary: A proper damage given/received --> Display of the floating HP figures for damage dealt/received


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