What I wouldn't like to see in an RPG ;)

  • Wojtek Dabrowski


    Well, there is one thing that I think hurts an mmoRPG - at least in the roleplaying sense, as opposed to a diablo-style thingie, which I'd refuse to call an RPG. And that's seeing people's and monster's levels.

    Maybe there could be a skill allowing you to roughly say if a monster is much stronger or much weaker than you, but I think that this should be up to everybody's own intelligence (if I see a rat and a troll, I sould know which one is tougher).

    Seeing the levels of other players is senseless altogether I dare say. In my opinion, it takes away a whole lot of RP possibilities. And where in the real world would I really _see_ that the guy next to me is 5 "levels" higher than I am?

    Plus, as this is a suggestion asking to take something out instead of putting something in, I think it's not too much of a hassle to implement ;)

    I'd be happy to see other people's points of view on this one,
    -Wojtek (ig: Garathiel)

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      I am not so sure. I like to be told Trolls are strong for you, you better kill another thing.

      Also as fast I know player killing is disabled ( yes? is it? ) so comparing to other player has only friendly purpouses... and you know how men are... they always want to find how has the biggest... XP score. :-D

      On 0.30 XP value was hidden, so none can see it, but I was requested to have it open. But if we all agree to hide again, I will :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think it would be better without showing the other player/npc level, maybe if the other npc/player is 10 or more levels under me i see his mane in a green color, if he is the same leves as me i see in in white color and if he is 10 or more leves above me, i see it on red color, and with a gradient in the levels in between

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        Isn't this just a way of showing the level?
        Right now we hide xp but not level.
        Perhaps on future we will show just and adjetive.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I actually like the idea of the lvls not being shown. I find that it takes some of the skill out of the game and condiserding most MMORPGs are just click over and over, more skill elements would be helpful in my opinion. Maybe there could just be a red, yellow, green danger rating so you know if someone is 20 lvls  higher than you, but you still have to judge a bit for your self. Also i get annoyed at "i've been playing for ages i'm lvl 108 woot woot" (probably because i don't have as much time to play as them, but lol).

    • BerserkerA3

      BerserkerA3 - 2007-02-12

      I like the idea of hiding levels and XP, too. But I also think there should be some way to see if this opponent is a danger or not for me. The way to show it in a red, yellow and green danger rating I think is very good, so you still have to think about it if he maybe is just a few levels above you, or not.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It think the "(It is level 0)" thing on SpeakerNPCs should be removed. But the normal level is a valuable information for players.

      > Well, there is one thing that I think hurts an mmoRPG -
      > at least in the roleplaying sense, as opposed to a
      > diablo-style thingie, which I'd refuse to call an RPG.
      > And that's seeing people's and monster's levels.

      I don't agree as even in the classical role playing games (beeing it either an outdoor event or the ones done sitting around a table) the players have more information than their characters.

    • bean56

      bean56 - 2007-03-05

      I don't see in neccesary to see the level of monsters, but I don't think it's a big deal either way.  For me it's pretty much just if it's something I've never fought before then take caution.

      As far as seeing other characters levels I think it's only helpful.  Besides, if you were in the real world and a guy next to you was 10 levels higher you would know because he would be stronger and bigger than you and if you saw him fighting you would see how much more talented than you he was.  Personally I found it helpful starting out because when I used /who I could see what level the players were and therefore I knew who to ask questions, I. E. you don't want to ask another level 1 person where something is or how to do something when they don't know either.

      Of course this is just another opinion.

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        It is prone that /who and /where are dropped on future releases.

    • bean56

      bean56 - 2007-03-05

      Why?  It doesn't matter if there is no PVP.

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        But there is PVP, and in fact you don't come out to street and see /who is there :)
        As buddy system is implemented /who may be dropped.

        /where is going to be removed because some players are using it for disturbing other players... so... out :) It will be replaced with a magic magnet to find persons.

    • wren ng thornton

      I think seeing players' levels is helpful because it helps you know who to ask as bean56 said, also it helps you know who to team up with without boring them or getting killed, and it helps know who's a noob to help out when they wander into the wrong cave. Sure, you could always have the players asking each other all the time, but that seems less entertaining overall.

    • Alex

      Alex - 2007-06-27

      Given the way Stendhal is set up, showing levels is appropriate for it.  I think somebody should create another Arianne-based RPG that is more realistic in it's limiting of players knowledge.  In addition to masking level information, it would do away with the minimap, not allow players to see behind obstacles, possibly not allow players to talk over long distances, have items that need to be identified (like in the Roguelikes of old), etc.  These would be great ideas, but they don't fit into Stendhal. 

    • florianjacob

      florianjacob - 2007-10-30

      I found an awesome MMORPG which is a "real" RPG. http://illarion.org/ (English & German). The game's aim is NOT to be the best player of the world or have the best items available, but the Role Playing of your character. It's forbidden to talk out of character if you don't whisper, and it's forbidden to lvl (exactly: To stay at a place without any RP reason and kill monster). There are no levels which the character could see, no points at all. If the player has to see something (e.g. HP) it's displayed by a bar or a color gradient. Items have just a description (what your character can see when he looks at the item, no ATK or DEF :) ) like "you see a rusty, old but well-made dagger...". No, I don't want to promote that game, I want to show an example of a real RPG (like I wish Stendhal would become). A whole game describes things better than a post. Another one (which is maybe more popular outside of Germany) is http://www.planeshift.it/.

      In Game, I'm Enyarok. Thanks for reading. Post your meaning.

      • Katie Russell

        Katie Russell - 2007-11-06

        It's an interesting idea, not to post stats of items, and just a nice description. But stendhal has open source code and people would just look them up :)

        • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

          Some people on the begin of stendhal complained about it, so I just added stats.
          Personally I think we all love to compare against others and numbers ease the task.

          Just my two cents.



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