suggestion: more sheep and shepherd dog

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I was playing stendhal for some hours now and I realized
    it takes very long to make *any* progress. I don't know
    how to solve this issue.. but perhaps you could
    implement a  function that a user can tell its sheep to
    stay at some place, so the user can walk around and do
    other things... ;)

    The bad thing about this could be that the sheep is helpless
    without the player. If an animal attacks the sheep it will call
    for its owner. The owner will be noticed about the sheep
    beeing attacked and could go to where he left it...
    (perhaps a ballon with the text "Help!" could appear from
    the direction where you left your sheep.. and in dungeons
    you would not be noticed, because you're too far away)

    The other thing is that we really need a shepherd dog.
    I also talked to miguel about this some minutes ago ;-)
    (the graphics is already there.. the old "wolf", you know)
    He told me that in release 0.30 the wolf (and such) will
    attack my sheep. So a shepherd dog could take care of
    my sheep. In fact the dog would make the monsters not
    attack the sheep, but instead they would rather attack
    the dog or the player...

    The dog would also help to implement a "stay here" command
    for the sheep, because this way you could tell the
    dog to watch for the sheep (so it would not and could not run away).

    Well, one final fact: a shepherd dog would not be for
    free.. we should have to buy it.. and it shouldn't be too
    cheap, so that not every lvl0 player could afford it...

    That's just the idea I had while playing the first hours of
    stendhal (and getting a lvl3 character).

    btw. I noticed a tiny bug.. when you leave a zone (?) to the right
    you will notice that your sheep is in front of you and you
    can't walk (to the right). This is annoying, perhaps you could
    fix this... your sheep should always be behind the player ;)

    Thanks for reading (and discussing ;-))

    - fraenki

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well, it's all about sheep.. and when we talk about sheep
      we must at least mention a shepherd dog ;-)

      - fraenki

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-06-15

      I like talking about the sheep  :-D

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-06-16

      It would be cool if you could have more than one sheep.

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-06-27

      you can put more than one sheep in area with "leave sheep"  and sort of herd them by alternating "own" and "leave".  A crook that would let you move unowned sheeps away from you would facilitate in herding.

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        I am thinking about limiting this feature as it has been abused... money... money... money will limit it! :)

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-08-21

      I want a sheep monitor so I can see what my sheep is doing when I can't see it on map

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-08-21

      no nevermind, I think its just running around thinking about hamburgers



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