New fight system?

  • Anonymous - 2007-09-25

    With the future inclusion of magic and other skills, etc how will this change the fight system?

    Right now I consider the turns way to short. When you add other skills, magic etc, you need time to react. I know time can't stop like some RPG games 'till you select an action but as some other RPG's I see two options:

    1. Player character when the action menu is out until a new action is selected.
    2. The character keeps repeating previous action 'till a new one is set.

    Let's analyze the first one. This can be considered as the character's thinking time where he's thinking what to do, and the action is performed the next turn. Of course, if you think too long...

    The second won't change current approach much but with new skills can be a lil' tricky. You won't like the character casting the same spell over and over 'till you change action. Maybe after a skill switch to attack action automatically.

    As other aspects of RP come into play this subject must be touched one way or the other.

    Hope the community agrees and gives it a thought.

    • Alex

      Alex - 2007-09-27

      I would suggest adding spells with targets, for example, to the right-click menu for something.  Whether a spell repeats should depend on the type of spell (for example, an offensive spell could repeat but a buff wouldn't). 

    • Anonymous - 2007-09-27

      I agree, the thing about repeated spells is the hp drain due to the short/quick actual turns. That's my strongest worry.

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      The game will continue to be real time on the new RP system.
      You will be able to do actions as now.

      Combat is an action that it is done until the target is dead, meanwhile magic is an action that is casted once ( and has a delay just like weapons has a rate ).

      The overall idea will keep intact. I just have added a defensive/offensive ruler so you can choose how much you spend defending and how much do you spend attacking.



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