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Change location of your pet

  •  tuebix

    tuebix - 2011-05-13


    imho it would be cool if i had more control over where my pet is. Which means: i'd like to be able to do more than only pushing the poor animal around ;-)

    description (from the perspective of an user):
    - handle moving the pet like throwing an item
    - you can only "throw" the pet from a field which is a neighbour of the field you are standing on
    - you can only "throw" the pet to a field which is a neighbour of the field you are staning on


  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Poor animals, being thrown around. Apart from that: It makes exploiting the animal protects against monster a lot easier. So that needs to be fixed first.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-05-22

    In real life, I do not think that you throw a pet to get it to sit where you want it. You can train them to sit a certain distance from you, and use a lead to keep them near. Could you perhaps explain the use-case (i.e. what is the problem that makes you suggest this feature) and we can try to brainstorm ideas?

    There is already a small collection of ideas, which I believe came from a meeting with players, at - feel free to add there, too.

  •  tuebix

    tuebix - 2011-07-03

    sry - only now sayw your answers - didn't get any notification mails by sourceforge.

    Hendrick, I am shocked, the only way you know of moving animals is by throwing them - you can take them into your arms and stroke them and put them back on ground gently, right next to your feet - independently from where they stood before. Even dragons like to be that, if they are well-fed and you know where you have to tickle them ;-) :-P

    I actually managed to get cornered in a stupid way when i was for example in the top floor of oni palace. I went for an Oni who hid in the upper right corner of the map, where there is a narrow spot. I managed to kill the thing, but since the cat ran right after me, it was a bit complicated to get my cat out of the way getting out of the tight spot to go for the archers shooting at me from outside. In this case, my - in other situations beloved - cat was just in the way. An other thing would be that it could ease to protect your sheep or baby dragon from being killed…

  • Athana

    Athana - 2011-07-04

    Happened to me in some cases, the only way to move on was to push cat 2-4 times (and you have to wait until you repush it) or couldn't walk at all but only with going back to previous screen and enter to the other screen from other position

  • Greg Smith

    Greg Smith - 2016-01-21

    But in real life you can throw your pets into boiling water, where as in this you cannot.



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