Anonymous - 2007-10-27

I'm working on  my game based on Stendhal and so far I've been working on the following:

My first map: your tools are great, still getting the hang of it. The tutorial is good but missing some of the last details. The how to place the monsters and NPC is either too brief (just as pictures footers) or from an old version.

Internationalization: It is possible to have an international Stendhal. I've met plenty of people from all around the world. I know is kind of extra work but think of it this way.. I've met Spanish people like myself and people from Europe. I bet that if you use ResourceBundles with the basics in english the comunity will help translate them. Have those bundles as a separate jar and update as new translations appear. This will make the game even greater. That way you might not be able to talk to other people (if you don't speak English for example) but will be able to play the game anyways since Stendhal world can be in your language. Netbeans has an internationalization tool that does this almost automatically. It's sure some extra work but the earlier this is introduced the easier to make the change.

I'll contribute with this kind of stuff when Its working on my game.