Keep your items safe when trading

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    You know when you right click on people it says attack look and all that stuff? have you ever thought of putting a trading option? make it so the characters can put up what they want to trade without having to worry of other people taking their things? i know you can do that in the bank but wouldnt it be more convenient to be able to do it wherever you want? so you dont have to be in a bank all the time? maybe your out really far from the bank with a friend and you dont have any food so your freind offers to trade you food.

    • Snaketails

      Snaketails - 2007-05-06

      but isn't this "/give <count> <item> to <player/NPC>" ??

      I know "/drop <count> <Item>" works.. and the required amount drops, if your well away from a bank, then you must trust your friend to give them anyway, so trading ... generally you'll be doing that without others around disturbing you

    • Anonymous - 2007-05-07
    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Yes, of course. The problem is that dialogs for creating trade plus all the server side logic is not simple to do.



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