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healing possibilities

  •  tuebix

    tuebix - 2011-07-03

    I have heard about rumours, that some players start getting allergic against the heavy smoke in inns and overdoses of incense being inhalated and against joss sticks, certain people burn when flying around in their house on a broomstick ;-)

    Apart from that, other people prefer to have lenghty conversation to healers when others are desperately in need of help. So my vision I got from Pdiddy's secret recipe would be something quite similiar to the wishing wells spread all over the stendhal-world. You throw in money for having a sip there and in return you get eternal youth healed. Making it accessible from all adjacent tiles would offer space to many thirsty adventurers ;-)

    An extention of those healing-wells would be to have them installed in your own house. I would pay a lot to have that, since I sometimes have hay fever and don't want to leave my house. I would pay at least 500 per heal inside my house, plus expenses for the workers who would install it there. Of course, the fountain in the house should be available to my guests, too. Many of them suffer from the same kind of hay fever as i do ;-)

  • Athana

    Athana - 2011-07-06

    Think of a healing pond like than inside your home, and with a quintain (training doll) that you buy for extra money (high price if you want it for personal use at home and not inside the Dojo/gym) from NPC trainer as a summon scroll! Maybe usable Only inside home or gym. This would make me even more homecat :-D Personal gym at home without annoying ppl around me except my friends (or wife) who have the key :-)
    The summoned doll will not stay forever, a server reset will make it disappear but that's for the better..

  • bluelads4

    bluelads4 - 2011-07-13


    I am not sure if players will not abuse wells then when there will be a chance of cheap healing. There are many NPCs all over the Stendhal world who can heal players for money and they aren't blocked or something mostly and there are also potions which you can need for healing.

  • snakevip

    snakevip - 2011-07-13

    in my opinion the idea of tuebix is very good :-), and Blue I know there are many NPC who heals in the Standhal world, but if you try to finde one where you can train next to the npc, you will only find two NPC (Jynath and Katerina). If you know others pls tell me.
    I also talked with Dustofdust about specials for houses, like gardens , where you can plant trees and flowers or a kitchen where you can produce your own food. For all these extras you have to pay more tax … May if you integrate the healing waves into the game, you could implant these other ideas too.

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-10

    I wonder on your Karma besides doing quest's and other things to get it up to see if every time you level up that you can level up your karma too by like 10 to 15 cause when your battling monsters your loosing karma too so i figured with every level you should be able to gain also little bit of karma ?



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