Better walksystem

  • deathpeak

    deathpeak - 2008-01-27

    This walksystem drive me crazy!
    When I press right,left,up or down nothing happens. 5 seconds later my character is walking but he did not stop.

    • Teiv

      Teiv - 2008-01-27

      This sounds more like an problem with connection to server. Normally if you press a right you walk one right and if you hold the key you should walk until you release the key.

      • Snaketails

        Snaketails - 2008-01-27

        I have had this too,

        But its a server LAG issue, not code or walk system problem

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-05-25

    This is pretty old so maybe any lag issues are resolved, but did you know you can also automatically walk with single click to choose a path on minimap or the main screen?

    If you would rather use double click to automatically walk you can use /clickmode to change it to double click. And the pathfinding is even able to cope with colliding with moving entities like NPCs and walk around them, even if they weren't there when the path was first planned.



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