kill ability of weapons or effectiveness

  • Snaketails

    Snaketails - 2007-03-25

    A weapon should be able to do specific tasks.

    The greatest sword should have very low effect on things like ghosts and slime, where a simple wooden club (or 100 logs as I have used before) would have a much greater effect.

    As we know, a wooden club doesn't have as much of an effect on a Green Dragon as would say a FireSword, the same should go the opposite way..

    If your attacking a bouncing slime ball that is attacking you, a sharp sword may just slice through it injuring it minimally, but a wooden club should smack right in to it.

    So, my thoughts, weapons are high effectiveness against some monsters, and low against others ;o)

    • Janay

      Janay - 2008-02-07

        Sounds like you would have to team more often...

        Oh, to complement this idea:  I think that almost any object should be capable of weapon ability...  Much less effective, maybe, but - Didn't you ever find yourselves in the case of being surrounded by horrid creatures with the sole help of dryed ham or precooked chicken wings?  Or didn't you ever, EVER, fancied how it would be like to smash that goblin's head with a soft teddy bear?
        Ok, it was just an idea...  Don't think me a sick monster.  Ah, of course, for example, if there was, say, a fire creature, maybe a beer could be effective against it, but a log wouldn't...  Also some things could help the monster power up instead of damaging...

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2008-10-15

      the new rp does this.

      weapons with low rate (small number = fast weapon) are given a bonus against creatures weaker than you. however against creatures stronger than you you need a high attack to get past their heavy armor, so slow heavy weapons are better. The npc in the townhall will advise you on these details as well as giving a general appraisal using the formula (atk+1)/rate to advise on damage ability.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-05-12

    snaketails, damage types are now possible, currently we have:
    fire, ice, dark, light and cut

    and armor and creatures have resistance or susceptibility to these types. If you have more ideas for say 'smash' for clubs and hammers, and which creatures should be resistant or susceptible to it, please update here. Thanks!



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