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Glenn M
  • Glenn M

    Glenn M - 2006-04-15

    1) The ability to pick a class and grow in that class.  You select this during character creation.  It would limit you choices of clothing a bit, so that way a Mage doesn't have full platemail on. 
    2) Selecting your characters sex, this could also be  used to help differentiate characters.
    3) Some magic system, I have a few ideas on how to make this work.  You could make it so that characters get magic scrolls that you cast spells with, this would allow you to not have to implement anything really new.  Another option is that you could have the magic system work so that you can cast X spells when not fully healed, and when you top out on hit points that you can cast all you want (Kinda like resting allows you to regain your spells)  This way, caster could wade through easy stuff like they do now, but when fighting harder stuf, they'd have to work at it.
    4) More optional places to start the game at. I am going to attempt to make an alternate place to begin at.  Maybe at about 2nd level you'd be able to go to this place fairly easily and then level up there, that way newer players have more options. 
    5)  An idea for how to speed up travel would be so that once you visit a location, you can go there immediately after you die.  Perhaps certain key towns have their own Afterlife, or else the Afterlife can serve as a transport to other regions once you have visited.


    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      1) Yes, danter is working on a new RP system.
      2) The only difference would be appeareance, but i write it down...

      3) Magic will appear at 0.50 :)
      Not sure how to add or what to add but we will have it :P, at least some basic spells like fireball, heal, ...

      4) Nice! When you have it send it to me.

      5) I am going to add speed somewhere around 0.5[1-4] and around 0.60 I want to add transports ( like horses, cars, etc... )

    • Glenn M

      Glenn M - 2006-04-18

      To help implement magic you could go with, a spellcaster class can purchase spell scrolls whereas a fighter type is unable to, that way they can be added like items.  They would be cheaper than potions and the like.  So a Heal spell that heals 50, may only cost 50gp instead of the potion which is 100.

      It is an option, but I kinda like the idea, of unlimited casting when fuly healed, but limited if you have been damaged.  It kinda simulates the knowing all your seplls when rested and then losing them throughout the day.

      Anyways, the map may take a long while, right now I a have to get a firm grasp of the map maker, get it drawn, decide what characters to implement, develop monsters, Then I actually have to get it all designed and installed.



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