Split window to separate inventory boxes

  • Janay

    Janay - 2008-02-05

      I would like to suggest you separated the inventory, character info, etc putting them in a separate window.  The way it is now makes very annoying taking things or looking at the information, as a part of the map is lost and this is an active part from where one just looses sight.  I think it would be nice having an additional window e.g. on the right, where the inventory and displays could live separately, this way the character and what it sees would be always in sight.  I don't say that there should be place for all the information in this second window, the system could be similar to the current one, only it would be not any more necessary to open close open close open close each window all the time.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-05-25

    An update: all character info, the minimap and the buddy list are now in a separate area off the game screen. The inventory and character equipment slots are the last hurdles to completing this task!



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