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  • Andres G. Schwartz

    This sound bad, not? really
    Ok, it is not a message just challenging you or claiming you something. It is just another idea.
    I want to create an RPG game where you can create it!! OOh, yes! sounds strange, really. My idea is like a WIKI RPG. What that mean? A game where you play, ok, like others game, you play in a world, you use weapons, you buy items, and so. That is the same, yes, but you can use your money (ingame money) for create items, weapons, armour, potions, verbage, hemls, and practically all in the world (you can create a town too).
    Yes, but, how we can control that? If all people create all that will be a disease! Not, Here is some idea about control too: You need 100 of money for put fire in a weapon (for example). You need 10000 for choose a sword. Ok, I will tell you best:
    You join a webpage with your game account. In that webpage you just don't play the game, but you can do other things like creating items. Well, then you want to create a sword. You must first have the money (that what you collect ingame). Make a base sword claims 10000 of money. Ok, you just do it. Now you need to put some properties in the weapon. For example: Fire damage. Putting 1 point of fire damage in the sword cost you 100. And so. All properties have a cost. Then we suppose what you make a sword with this properties: Base item: Iron, fire damage 100, fire absorb: 10, blade: 10. And another sword with the same properties exists. Then the system don't let you create that. Because all items in the game are identified as unique with the properties. Then if you have a sword called "Sword of fire" created with another player and that player choose same properties like you before. Then he is the creator of "Sword of fire". You cannot create a new weapon with the same properties, but you can just change some of it: fire damage: 99. And that will not be the same weapon then. Next you put a name for it and you created it and now you are the creator of that weapon. And so, all players can create items in that manner.
    Understand the idea?
    For bervages there can have some things like mixing base verbages then the player can create based in other ones.
    The idea is having base things like weapon, armor, and so but without properties and without functionality, only for creating the things in game.
    The player will can choose the image of the item from a list of images or simply can upload one (but it will be need verified for aproval first).
    The same for sounds, music, etc.
    All the game can be creatable for the players.
    For example to make a town the player can choose a background image, the position of the things, the walls, and so. Of course, making a town can cost amounts like 10000000 where for get it you need to play a really lot!
    So, a player play, gain money, and later can use the money for create new things.
    Ah, I'm forgeting some! Next the creation of the item, the player must buy it from a tent. The player must put it in the tents where he want to be buyable. So, there does not mean that a player created a "Sword of fire" and only him have it and nobody have that. Not, there can be buyed in the tents and all players can buy one. Of course, that will cost some too depends of the properties. And the weapon can be droped from a monster too. Just the creator have the rights to choose what options he wants (where can be buyable, where can be dropable, or if not, or if it is unique). If the player choose that it item is unique (anyway, for choose that the properties must be greater than some values near max so the item is considered "some special one") and the creator can decide what that item is only in one place and there is only one in the world but that will cost him/her some too.
    Ok, we can implement that ideas and do some practice corrections in it.

    I'm suggesting the creation of an RPG Wiki game based in that idea. Anybody wants to implement it?

    Bye bye.

    • brian craig

      brian craig - 2008-10-06

      hi, im from argentina (first at all , i don`t speak english well), i know such things like PHP , some c++ (for programming) and i was creating a internet online game, but if you want you can contact me at



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