DysonSphere - 2010-09-22

I'm a fairly new Stendhal player (lvl 27) The last few times I've played, I've been constantly bothered by a certain player. While trying to farm a few pots, pan for gold, or gather ingredients, he will look up my location, show up, say "train" or ask for "itens" and start whacking me . Even though I say no, and have /ignored him, he still shows up to bug me. At the gnome village, he also drops an item and shoves me into the pk area off the path. Of course, I could do the same thing, or fight him, but he has a much better weapon and gear. I'd also be burning up the very pots/pies/sandwiches/etc that I'm looking to save up for leveling and legitimate training. I could use a training partner, but he doesn't fit the bill.

That being said, would it be possible for /ignore to remove the ability of another player to /where for my position?

Alternatively, it might be nice to get some privacy every so often with a /nowhere command that would block all players  (except GM's of course) from using /where to determine a players location. A key exception would possibly be to disallow blocking /where for someone with a PK tag, or 0 karma, or something along those lines.

Just a few thoughts… Great game and thank you.