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  • Teiv

    Teiv - 2008-01-25

    Hi all,
    i like to start a discussion on level requirment on different things. The reason why i start it is, i got really annoyed be a lot of new players asking for help, for this and that.
    Best example is, a level 10 characters ask me to help him killing a black dragon for knife quest. And the begging and asking for chaos or black stuff in bank.
    So i like to prefere to have level requirment on Items to equip them, because a level 25 character do not need a complete set of chaos armor. The only goal of it, the player get bored to fast. Because he has no reason to fight higher creatures and get the items by himself. I think the requirment would help to improve it a bit.
    And i would like to have the requirment even on quest. there are a lot quest, that should only be done by higher level characters, e.g. obsidian knife or wanne be king quest. It beware new players to get to fast bored, because they do not have to do anything at higher level.
    I would like to hear some other oppinons on this thing.

    Greetings Teiv

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2008-01-31

      outting level requirements on quest is easy - if you make up a list and share it with us we can all check and agree.

      making level required to use items is also possible and i know hendrik desires this too. only thing we need is a list: what level do yuo have to be before you can use each item. does anyone have the patience and knowledge to make one? shall we start one?

      • Anonymous - 2008-01-31

        It sounds great but it seems that adding level requirements is as hard as creating a quest/weapon from scratch. Need lots of thought. I think the wiki might help developing a good one.

        • Katie Russell

          Katie Russell - 2008-02-01

          adding level requirement to a quest is very easy.

          adding level requirement before you can use the weapon, i believe is already coded we just miss the list for it.

    • Teiv

      Teiv - 2008-01-31

      For the quest it should not be a big problem to add a level requirment, there exist one quest i know, which has it already.
      I start makeing a list of quest and my oppinion of required level. I put the list on wiki, so everyone who likes to comment it can do it there.

      For the items, we should test what would be a good required level. But therefor it could be helpful to have some atk/def stats from some player with different level.

      • Katie Russell

        Katie Russell - 2008-02-01

        why use atk/def stats? that benefits player who have trained more ... i think it'd be better to use raw level - as that means you need to have played to use it.

    • Teiv

      Teiv - 2008-02-01

      The atk/def is not as requirment it is for testing what items are good for what level. I dont want to reward all the trainings players.

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-05-06

      Ok so what about this is a start
      attack weapons:

      night dagger 50
      black scythe 200
      xeno sword 150
      chaos hammer 200
      chaos sword 100
      chaos axe 200
      demon fire sword 300
      black sword 100
      hell dagger 70
      assassin dagger 50
      chaos dagger 150

      magic plate shield 100
      black shield 200

      black armor 200

      and so on. what do you think? too harsh? too permissive? please reply with any new values if you dont like old ones, and add to the list.

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-06

      I think that the items may only be used if the lowest opponents, which the fall leaves, can kill ALONE.

      as an example: I can only use a black shield, if I killed a black giant ALONE!

      or: I can only use a mithril legs, if I had killed an archangel ALONE!

      i think thats better then a level requirement!
      if you kill with 10 friends a black death and noone can take the drops, it´s bad.. :-)

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-05-07

      meindino the plan should be that you can still take the drops. but that you can't equip it to use it as a weapon till you have enough level. else we might also have a small problem at the trading table ;)

      btw remember that some good items can be dropped very rarely by lower level creatures. eg a demon can in fact drop a demon fire sword, i believe. so again it'd be unafir if you got that rare drop and couldn't pick it up at all.

      kiheru had another suggestion that you can still use it but it is less ''good'' if you are below the min level. e.g. a weapon would hit slower as you are not skilled enough and a shield would have less def, etc. you'd still see same def when you look at it but when you equip it, it helps you less. he said that was more in world.

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-07

      <<<meindino the plan should be that you can still take the drops. but that you can't equip it to use it as a weapon till you have enough level.>>>

      then i think there is no big difference to now!
      The low-level-players dont stop begging, if they can take the items though.

      and about kiherus suggestion: the idea is nice, but i dont think that it will help for the problem,
      that has been described by teiv.

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-07

      addition: then they´ll beg for the items, used for the mithril quests or black cloak or killerboots..
      the begging will not stop if then can take these items!

    • Maja Biene

      Maja Biene - 2009-05-07

      I think thats a very good idea, because the lower level player will stop begging others for the strong weapons, if they can´t use them.
      But my opinion is the same as yours, kymara. I think it will be better that you can´t equip it, as you use it as less good.
      If a low level ceature really drops a good weapon, they can sell it or store up till he is "high" enough to use it.
      Thats my opinion. :-)

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-05-08

      Cant you just /ignore beggars?

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-08

      i only wanted to include the toppic.. -.-

    • Maja Biene

      Maja Biene - 2009-05-08

      Certainly I can do this, but then it is not necessarily to be changed also inevitably the system.
      The sense of the whole one should be, this beg in general to stop.

    • will scott

      will scott - 2009-05-31

      well what happens when you kill some thing and it drops an item but you cant use it? like i was looking the chaos hammer you get it from a lvl 60 creature would you be able to use it sence it droped it  or will you still have to wait to use the weapon ? and the same with the demon fire sword, demons can drop it (lvl 80) and you have to wait until your a 300 that kinda sucks. so would this check to see you you have solo killed a creature that  drops that item?

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-06-10

      on https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=6152887 another user mkvii comments:
      I already saw a thread about that, but i cant find it anymore. So, sorry.


      Levelrequierement for equipment would make sense. Old players are overloaded with good items and just spend them to new players. That is ok but i shouldnt could use high equip with low level. There are many advantages in a levelrequirement-system.

      - a level 5 charakter cant use much better equip than a level 25(that happend to me, as my friend with lvl 5 meet a generous highlevel player; that is no fun and unfair)

      - i have an aim to reach the level that i need for a good item, so i go to fight monsters or make quests instead of begging for items

      - the game isnt imbalanced easy at the begin if i get high equip

      - it make more fun to search myself for good items

      Items in Stendhal are even more important than in many other RPG, because there exist no other skills that i reach with higher level, except the ATK/DEF. For example the levelrequierement for an item could be bound to the level of the monster, which drop the item.

      Dont ignore the success of that system in other games.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-05-12

    So, how are people finding the level requirement for weapons and armor now? We went with the approach of letting them be useable, just less effective, if you are below min level. For example if you are below the min level to use a rate 2 dagger you may only be able to hit with rate 4 with it. And if you are below the min level for a shield it has less def for you.



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