Flour conversion from wheat way too high

  • Dr. James W. Anderson III

    This is the cause of many people saying they are getting carpal tunnel and complaining they can never get enough wheat.

    Its always gone and always short and its not like every recipe doesnt have plenty of other ingredients already that take time to get and would regulate the production quite well.

    The regrow time is the longest of anything in the game and you have to spend a lot of time moving and clicking and then you get ripped off to the tune of 10 to 1 to make bread or 5 to one for flour (then 2 flour for everything else)

    This is exactly what is causing people to have to spend so much time and clicks and is insanely tedious.

    When small fixes and adding more spots are not addressing the problem its time to look at the basic math.

    This is the single most annoying thing in the game (although the 10 minute time limit to get to a body is pretty high on that list too)

    In the real world one square yard of good healthy wheat can make a dozen or more loaves of bread easily.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2013-03-05

    Capral tunnel? Care should be taken not to injure oneself when playing a game for fun. I think this is well documented on the internet. Self control might be needed not to sit at the computer for hours doing a repetitive activity, even if it does lead to in-game rewards.

    There are more than a few ways to get grain, flour and the products produced by those things. e.g. buying and looting and trying other fields.

    If it's an aspect of the game you don't like just don't do that aspect ;) The game's really open to being able to choose your own path through, manually harvesting flour is just one thing you can do.

    Generally we use real world comparisons to a roughly medieval level of advancement (but with obvious difference like magic and mythical creatures). I'm not sure it works for a lot of the food stuffs and potions so probably not the best way to make an argument here. e.g. a leg of ham doesn't fall perfectly from a pig ready to eat by a human in reality either ;)

    If you want to contribute in a constructive way you are of course welcome to do so. Offer a balanced solution. Think about the system as a whole. Or explain why it is that you find getting flour so crucial to your enjoyment of the game, perhaps that's a root problem to fix instead?



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