Leveling & EXP

  • Norien

    Norien - 2010-01-06

    I dont think the current EXP system is that much fun.
    Instead of creatures having fixed EXP value for everyone.  Killing shuld give you a percentage to next level based upon creatures level to you

    Creature is < 10 levels below me
         I can kill creature for items but no EXP.
    Creature is 10 to 5 levels below me.
         0.05% EXP to next level.
    Creature is 1 to 4 levels below me.
         0.15% EXP to next level.
    Creature is same level as me.
         0.25% EXP to next level.
    Creature is 1 to 4 levels above me.
         1% EXP to next level.
    Creature is 5 to 25 levels above me.
         2% EXP to next level.
    Creature is 26 or more Levels above me.
         10% exp to next level.

    Also creatures shuld have a level range. For example Black Bear is always level 8. It shuld be random something like levels 7 to 9 or something similar. Different creatures would have larger or smaller ranges depending on the creature.

    If this is a good idea I have download the source (cvs) with netbeand and im working on a way to implment this.

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2010-01-06

    The net result of that system is pretty close to what we have now: to gain levels you are better killing creatures close to your level. Now we just have fixed gain and the needed xp for the next level grows.

    Gained xp used to be level difference dependent in the past. It did, however, result in the problem that creatures could be dangerous to you but give no xp anyway. (And by then there were only few high level monsters and high level players had trouble gaining any xp at all).

    Personally I'd prefer to keep the current system. It's simple and well understood by the players.

    The other stats of the creatures are already randomized a bit. It would be possible to calculate a new level and xp based on the difference to the default stats. Probably it would better to change only the xp, as level makes a difference in fighting too, so it would make the effect of the randomization stronger.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    The current system has the issue that the amount of XP gets very large. I agree, however, that it is very easily understandable and consistent. There is no problem of having to have monsters available for every level.

  • Anonymous - 2010-01-12

    Randomization, like the one proposed in d20 games like D&D, allows the game to be always challenging without the need of having creatures for all levels. I agree that there should be monsters available only for x level and above but why not having a bear level 5 and a bear level 40 for such level dungeon?



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