another game idea - Capture the Flag

  • sjtsp2008

    sjtsp2008 - 2011-08-17

    how hard are the following ideas to implement?

    - suspend normal death effects
      - dying does not make you lose any level/atk/def
      - just immediately respawn back at your base camp
      - would allow normal combat
        - versus having to make stun projectiles or something like that
      - maybe everyone participating gets a special reusable ring, only lasts duration of the matches?
        - like whatever ring (emerald?) can be used now

    - effects of alcohol (if rule is in place that you may/must drink a beer before returning to the contest)
      - start to move more slowly
      - eventually don't always move in the direction you meant to
        - stumble/stagger
      - is that an alternate path planner?
      - your chat messages get garbled more and more

    - invisibility or translucency for one or two players per team, for a very short duration
      - cannot be invisible with flag

    - logging for multi-zone birds-eye view of the whole match
      - or even just one zone for the first match
      - all participants (colored by team), judges, non-participants, helper npcs, …
      - able to see all chats in a selected box?

  • sjtsp2008

    sjtsp2008 - 2011-08-24

    very rough version of "fumble arrows" working - if one player holding a flag,
    and another player shooting special "fumble arrows" at them, the first
    player will eventually drop the flag (current hard-wired drop probability of 10% - maybe too low).
    player can pick up the flag and start over again.

    this seems like it could be fun.

    i think it's at a stage where, with some admin support, a handful of people could
    try it out on test server.

    still a ton of work to do.  but i can't think of any more code challenges (and the fumble
    arrow, or slowdown arrow, concept seems a lot simpler than special rings).
    might need a couple of NPCs to help set up the game, make sure teams fair, distribute
    weapons, …

    not committing quite yet - made a patch (ctf-fumble-arrow.patch.txt), available on ctf tracker page.
    don't want to break the build twice in 24 hours.

    here is a detailed overview of the changes:


      added FUMBLE and SLOWDOWN


      extend onDamaged interface to include Nature damageType

      onDamaged: if nature is FUMBLE or SLOWDOWN, make special
           method call to handle those damage types

        note: after return from those will also do "normal" damage.

        note: probably makes sense to gradually refactor onDamaged to
              call a nature-specific damage class (even for cut)


      two arrow types, (incompletely) copied from wooden arrow

        - just change <damage type=…> for each (and name)

      note: stacking slowdown arrows on fumble arrows combines them both.
            but slowdown does not work anyway, so not a big deal

    several classes had to be modified to call the new onDamaged interface:


        all calls to onDamaged must include Nature/damageType




        - just update to the new damage type api
          - note really testing it yet

        - no tests of onDamagedFumble or onDamagedSlowdown yet.
          - if they are not going to be fun, then testing would be a waste of time

      - how to configure colors of flags
      - how to configure fumble probability?

  • sjtsp2008

    sjtsp2008 - 2011-08-24

    forgot to include a recipe for testing it out on local or test server:

    need at least two players.   (fairly easy to test by myself, with two clients open)

    # player1 - will carry the flag, try to run away

    # have to summon to ground, and drag on.  summoning straight to hand
    # does not go through onEquipped right now

    /summon flag

      put in left or right hand

      should see a blue balloon

      if you drop flag on ground again, outfit should change back to normal

    # player2 - trying to make player1 drop the flag

    # use weak weapon
    /summonat player2 bag wooden bow
    /summonat player2 bag 100 fumble arrows

    player2 puts bow and fumble arrows in hands

    now, player2 attacks player1

    player1 runs around, and eventually drops the flag

      note: i think 10% is actually too low, unless you are getting
            attacked a lot - took a long time to make me drop



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