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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2008-10-05

    Kind of frustrated about trying to make my game work from Stendhal code, and following Blanch feedback, I'm starting from scratch.

    In the process I had created a Simple Server, the most basic server implementation that can be put together to interact with Marauroa.

    I figured out that for new developers there's a HUGE gap between Marauroa and Stendhal. With no place in between for us to start.

    Since I'm walking that painful path right now I'm offering that and any other product of my journey to you guys. Probably a developer trail for other to follow.

    How can we do this? (If you guys agree)

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin


      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2008-10-06

        Forgot to update the post. You can take a look at the work in process at:

        BTW it's safe to link the outdated wiki stuff as I do? I don't want it to disapperar later making my tutorial broken.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-10-06
    • Martin Fuchs

      Martin Fuchs - 2008-10-07

      If you have enough code to show up, you may even publish it in CVS/Subversion. The easiest way may be to create a project at Sourceforge and upload your source there.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-10-08

      Browse the jwrestling project svn repository. Simple has it's own branch. Not quite yet ready for first release.

    • cody giesbrecht

      cody giesbrecht - 2009-06-22

      if you ever get the server up could you tell me the it's name? I'd like to make my own server but it won't work for me.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2009-06-22

        Can you elaborate? Released version i up and running (version 0.02). I'm working on 0.03 hat will be releaed with jWrestling 0.001.

        Please pot your questions in Simple Server forum:

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-02-05

    Simple server is released to 0.0.5 and already working on 0.0.6 as jWrestling gets closer to release.



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