Anonymous - 2010-09-16

I've been asked to propose a Game Development book using NetBeans. I'm sending the proposal and it includes Marauroa as the game server so there will be lots of section related to Marauroa. Hopefully I can get support from the team on this if it materializes.

Here's an overview of the book as of now (nothing written yet just part of the proposal):

1. Introduction
2. Game Design is not a game
a) Select your victims!
b) Design your realm architecture
• Stand Alone
• Client Server
• Game Type
• Text based
• Graphics
• Deployment
c) All the data to the dungeon! I mean, database!
• Database selection
• Database design
d) Design the Dungeon Master
• Creating your own server
• Options to consider
e) Customization is the key to the dungeon!
• Updates
• Extensions
3. The Never Ending Quest: Documentation
a) Why bother?
b) UML Basics
• NetBeans UML plug-in
c) Game Requirements
4. NetBeans Platform vs. Coding from scratch
a) Coding from scratch
b) NetBeans Platform
5. Let’s start our journey!
a) Game Design (walk reader through section 2)
b) Documentation (walk reader through section 3)
6. Set up the Team Environment
7. The Dungeon Master: Building the Server
a) Marauroa (Server choice for the rest of the book)
• Overview
• Network Design
• Game Design
• Database Design
• Role-playing Design
b) Marauroa Concepts
• Actions
• RPEvents
• RPZone
• RPObject
c) Don’t reinvent the wheel! Using NetBeans platform
• Team Programming: NetBeans Team support
• Database design can be a nightmare: NetBeans Database Support
• Unit testing, your best sword: NetBeans Unit Testing Support
• Updating the game: NetBeans Update mechanism
• Incremental Design: NetBeans Plug-ins
• Bug hunting season! NetBeans Bug reporting
8. Can we start coding already!
a) The magic of turning documentation into code!
• NetBeans Project Architecture
• NetBeans UML Reverse and Forward Engineering support
• Simple-Server (Open source project from my authoring)
• Simple-Client (Open source project from my authoring)
• Accessing the Database: NetBeans JPA support
b) Customize Marauroa
• Objects
• Entities
• Player Object
9. The Client side
a) Design
• Modules
b) Set up the Update mechanism
c) Set up Bug Reporting
10. I want to see! NetBeans Visual API
• Seeing the player