Anything important I need to know upgrading?

  • I'll like to upgrade from 3.8.6 to 3.8.7. Is there anything important? I usually encounter the same question since the change log is not detailed enough (at least for other people developing with Marauroa). There should be a more technical change document for this audience (if needed).

  • If you use Marauroa, you should be just fine. Marauroa 3.8.7 is a drop in replacement for 3.8.6. It is both binary and source compatible. If you have modified Marauroa files, then you will obviously have to look at the diffs.

    In case of noteworthy or incompatible changes, we do publish in great detail about them.

  • I'm aware of that link. Is just that is not specific to each release. Is hard to tell what was added/changed in which release.

  • That link is specific about 3.8 (.0) as an example how we communicate noteworthy or possible incompatible changes.



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