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  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-03-24

    hi i have vps server 4 gb ram and wondering how much it would cost  to install the server files for me becouse i can get the server files running but only for 3 mins

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Hi pipcan,

    the official server of Stendhal is only using up to 350 MB and only has 2GB installed. So I am rather sure that your problem is not related to memory.

    Are you sure that your virtual private server allows to be used as game server? Many VPS provider explicitly disallow game servers and have technical mechanism in place to enforce that.

    What does the log file say?

  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-03-25

    nope i have had my server host have a look at it and they cant get it to work if anyone can have a look at it for me i would be greatful my server host said if there is anything then i am to tell them and they will change any settings for me at there end so if anyone wants to help post a reply here or email me thank you

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-03-30

    pipcan, we are always happy to help. Could you please provide us your server log file so we can help diagnose the error that occurs after 3 minutes?

  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-04-02

    2011-04-02 12:37:42 INFO   StendhalRPRuleProcessor  ( 175) - No server extensions configured in ini file.
    2011-04-02 12:37:42 INFO   marauroad                ( 123) - marauroa is up and running… (startup time: 23.8 s)
    2011-04-02 12:37:42 INFO   Statistics               ( 123) - Total/Used memory: 192064/133729
    2011-04-02 12:38:42 INFO   Statistics               ( 123) - Total/Used memory: 193920/122736
    2011-04-02 12:39:42 INFO   Statistics               ( 123) - Total/Used memory: 195392/106332
    2011-04-02 12:40:01 WARN   marauroad                ( 208) - User requesting shutdown
    2011-04-02 12:40:01 WARN   NIONetworkServerManager  ( 208) - NetworkServerManager interrupted. Finishing network layer.
    2011-04-02 12:40:02 INFO   marauroad                ( 123) - Shutdown completed. See you later!

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    "User requesting shutdown" means that you either pressed ctrl+c or the process received a SIGTERM.

  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-04-03

    yea i thought that but i dont touch it i use putty to get to my host i have also tryed the one in the control panel i dont get it . my hosting provider tryed to get it to stay running i cant think what it could be i need someone with exspirance to have a look at my cpanel config as my host will help me with any probs his end if anyone wants to take a look i would be happy to create them an account on my server in good faith

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-04-04

    Closing your putty session would send a SIGHUP command to close all processes you started in that session, unless you explicitly prevented this with something like nohup or screen. Could this be the problem?

  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-04-04

    il upload a vid i have used 4 diffrent terminal programs and all the same il have the vid up in 20 mins

  • pipcan

    pipcan - 2011-04-04

    video in putty starting and the server stopping



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