Marauroa moved from CVS to git

  • Hendrik Brummermann


    after a week of testing, we changed the version control software for Marauroa from CVS to git. You can find more information at Arianne Source Code Repositories.

    Why git?

    Sourceforge plans to phase out CVS support in the long run and strongly advocates using a DVCS. While there is a number of DVCS, the support for all of them in Eclipse is far behind the support for CVS. The Git plugin, however, has made significant progress in the last year. The Eclipse developers committed themselves to move from CVS to Git, so i am confident that at the end of this year, the Eclipse Git plugin will be as sophisticated as the CVS plugin is now.

    Why Marauroa?

    Marauroa is only targeted at developers, not at game designers. Therefore the target group has a very technical background and will be able to deal with minor inconveniences better than content designers. So Marauroa is a good choice to get experience and wait for the Eclipse plugin to improve further.

    Why now?

    I like implementing features in small incremental steps a lot. It greatly reduces risks and leads to smooth and migration pathes and little bugs. But I am afraid, it may not be possible to tackle the upcoming challenges (for example rewriting the perception calculation to make it faster, sub zones/continuous world or adding JSON support).

    If you have any questions or trouble while setting up the git environment, feel free to answer here or join #arianne on freenode.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-01-01

    Thank you for doing a careful migration so that the history was not lost.



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