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  • Philip Devine

    Philip Devine - 2010-09-21

    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this game on a list of top open-source games that are out right now, and I can see why!  I am drawn in by the relaxed but non-ambiguous gameplay and questing, and also by how active and passionate you developers are.  Now for the question/request:  I would like to start contributing in some way, I noticed some of this is java based and I have a good amount of experience in that area.  Where would be a good place to start?  Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Markus

    Markus - 2010-09-21


    a good start could be to get a development enviroment on your computer. We have documentated that in our wiki at As most of our developers use Eclipse as their IDE, I'd recommend also using it.

    If you are looking for things to do, you can have a look into our trackers for features or bugs here on sourceforge. We also have a wiki page that contains some bits of information what should be done at the moment:

    If you've found something you'd be interested to contribute to our project, it would be a good idea to come to our IRC channel #arianne on freenode (for example via to discuss your ideas etc with us.

    You could hand over your finished pieces of work as a patch on our patches tracker here on sourceforge. How to create a patch is described at, if you need assistance with that.


  • Jack_Rabbit

    Jack_Rabbit - 2010-09-21

    Hi, I'll just use "thekroge"s post to introduce myself as well.
    I am a student in 2nd year and for a coursework assignment we have to find a project
    and start getting into proper development. I basically stumbled upon Arianne RPG as well
    and since I've always wanted to work in game development I thought this would be a good start :)
    I have some experience with Java, a bit of C++ and over the summer I wrote tutorials for lua (a scripting language)
    so I hope I can be of some help ;)




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