Hope our avatar to move diagonal movement...

Javen Wong
  • Javen Wong

    Javen Wong - 2007-03-12

    The current moves fashion is comfortless.

    If we want to enabled diagonal movement, well then what works need to do?

    Is that redo maps? or large-scale modify code? or other?

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      No, it would be a small change on server code.
      Why do you want to move diagonally?

    • Javen Wong

      Javen Wong - 2007-03-13


      I means stendhal can smooth move avatar diagonally.

      I see in the new version 0.58, player can click small-map to move avatar, is great. but when i click area diagonally relative to avatar then i see avatar moves no smooth, like jump over diagonally grid.

      Be a solution?


      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        I see.
        I disabled the diagonal movement because it did a bit harder to write the path finding algo and because it didn't look nice.
        As I want to recode the position system to work with faster speeds I will have a look to this.

        Thanks a lot.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think the easiest solution to this is to increase the path cost by a very small amount every time the direction is changed.

      The other solution requires new sprites for all outfits to be created for diagonal movement.

    • Javen Wong

      Javen Wong - 2007-03-14

      Thank you Miguel, I will wait for your hot wire!

      Yes, increase the path and use very small "map-grid" is good idea.

      Thanks again.



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