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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How does one reset one's password?

    I can't login to the server, and I think I have used an invalid character in my password - some servers don't support non-alphanumeric characters, as far as I know..

    I am using Stendhal v0.55 and J2SE 1.5 on Windows.

    • timothyb89

      timothyb89 - 2006-12-10

      I think this is a case of simply forgetting your password. I created an account on my test server with user t^e^s^t and password t^e^s^t and I am able to log in easily. Also, due to a new bugfix that allowed multiple player logons, tEsT is no longer the same as test and I am assuming that it is the same for passwords too.
      If you need to reset your password, you will have to create a new player with the chosen password. Then you must contact an admin and tell them to take the the password from the user you just created and replace it with your old user's password. This is, as far as I know, the only current way for password reset until someone reveals the algorithm used for encryption.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The algorithm is freely accesible, in fact I think it is a MD5 signature of the password, but md5sum doesn't work.

        We will add a reset password link on the game webpage soon when we replace it.



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