How install ant?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How install ant 1.6 or 1.7 ? I have files but i can't install this.Can somone give me instructions how build ant?
    (sorry for my english)

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Anyway, you should consider getting the compiled version if you are having problems with Ant.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      where can i find compiled version ? Link ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok , "To install Ant, choose a directory and copy the distribution files there. This directory will be known as ANT_HOME." Where copy bin,lib , and where is the ANT_HOME? I must have apache or another program where i can add this ?

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        No, you should perhaps try Ant support forums.
        But in the case you are running Windows XP, you can set up ANT_HOME at
        My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Shell Variables ( on my machine is reads as Variables de entorno ). Now just click on new and write ANT_HOME and in value write C:\ant ( or whatever ant is installed on ).

        Anyway, I do really suggest you to get compiled version of Stendhal or use Webstart version. :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i dont know how ;( I need instrucion step by step :(

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        So definitively looks like you should ask support to Ant project, as your problem looks like related to Ant.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Let's make things clear: your goal really isn't compiling ant. You want to install ant so that you can compile the Stendhal server and client, right? If not, then you surely can't find more help here.
        For that purpose you don't need to compile ant itself because you can simply use the binaries and installing them is not more difficult than decompressing them in some folder...

        Now, if you want to know how to install Stendhal server or compile Stendhal you can find visual and step by step guides (which include the step of INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING ANT) in this web page:

        They are under the "Build Information" section:

        For Windows XP:

        "Stendhal localhost server on Windows XP® - Visual Installation Guide Step-by-step"

        "Building Stendhal on Windows XP® - Visual Installation Guide Step-by-step"

        For GNU linux / Ubuntu:

        "Installing a Stendhal server on Linux (Visual Installation Guide)"

        "Building Stendhal on Ubuntu® - Installation Guide Step-by-step"

        And don't hesitate to ask any question if you meet any problem while following these guides :)

    • World of Ours

      World of Ours - 2007-09-06

                I know what your going threw. Here is what I'm am gathering, please tell me if I'm wronge.
      1]To develope games on Arianne I need to have Marauroa.
      2]To have Marauroa I need to have Java SDK 1.5 (I beleive you refer to Java EE 5 SDK) and Ant 1.6.
      3]To have Ant I need Apache Xerces2.

      When I follow Xerces2 instructions I get the following error
      ERROR: JAVA_HOME not found in your environment.
      Please, set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
      location of the Java Virtual Machine you want to use.

      I'm a Free 2D MMORPG developer that is looking to develop in a cross platform product. I see in the close future that all products with the brand Microsoft will be removed from my systems. I'm sick of learing new Microsoft Products only to see this product has been deprecated. I mastered Basic, Learned Visual Basic 6.0, I ignored VB 2005, and I'm damn sure not heading to VB 2008. Working with Server and Windows 2008 sucks enough with out adding more problems.

      By the looks of Arianne I FOUND HOME! Someone please HELP!

      Rodney Miller PCA
      A.K.A. Eternal Life
      World of Ours

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        1) Right.
        2) Java 1.5 ( that sun also name Java SE 1.5 JDK )
        3) No, just ant

        The problem you refer is caused by Ant being misconfigured.
        Please refer to Ant documentation about how to fix it ( it is there explained. )



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