Game Engine: ArianneXP dated 2004

Fixus Fx
  • Fixus Fx

    Fixus Fx - 2008-03-19


    I have a game to do and searching in many forum I found Arianne and read 80% of site but I don't understand:
    1) Why client part "ariannexp" is 3 years old?  (
    2) Examples games out of service for server compatibility problems
    3) Your game engine is still in progress or you work only on Stendhal game?

    I just have many experience in offline games..
    Now I start to project an online game like Monopoly in simple 2D, online multi-players, with some sprite just to start.
    4) Is your engine suitable for this project or I have to look others engine like FIFE or other?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      1) It is 3 year old because it is abandoned.
      Ariannexp was the C client side of the framework, we dropped it in favour of java version named marauroa.
      2) Yes, they got outofdate and unmantained to get in sync with server and they eventually went offline.
      3) The game engine is fully working AND we are working in Stendhal 100% ( no mapacman or others anymore ).

      If you are using Java sure, marauroa will save you months of debugging and work but if you are doing it in C/C++ you better look for another thing.

      Best regards,

    • Fixus Fx

      Fixus Fx - 2008-03-19

      Thanks for all answers but if I understand your engine Marauroa have inside Client and Server programs too:
      "Marauroa is Arianne's Multiplayer Online Engine Server, that you can use to build you own online games using Marauroa as a Content Management system."

      Can I ask why you use Java instead of C++ very used for games (I see that in many forum)

      • Anonymous - 2008-03-19

        Indeed, Marauroa = Server and Games (i.e. Stendhal)= Client. About C++ vs.

        Java I think Java is a power to be reckon with including porting to mobile phones for example.

        • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

          Porting to a mobile phone is far to be simple, even if both languages are Java.
          J2ME is a very small implementation of the Java VM and usually J2ME devices are memory limited.

          • Anonymous - 2008-03-24

            I'm aware of the huge way on porting to mobile based on your details which I agree with. What I meant is that using java having some interaction with mobile is 100% possible.

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        Yes, marauroa provide both server and client framework.

        I started using Java for it just to learn Java.
        While I have been using it for the last 4 years I have found that Java ease development and debugging of the application.
        At server side, we are more interested in critical stability instead of pure raw speed. At client side, I coded a C++ version of the client framework, but keeping update and debugged to versions of the same code was exhausting and as it was used by none but us we decided to drop it and move everything to pure Java.

        Anyway, speaking of speed Java and C++ can achieve similar ones if you take care of handling correctly the garbage collector.



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