Stendhal Running Problems & NetBeans

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-13

    I am having several problems after compiling stendhal and trying to run it…

    1st. clicking on Stendhal.jar wont do anything rather do something endlessly in the background
    2nd. trying to start the game by gives an error " Something nasty happened etc etc etc .. " exception,   ( error located in )
    3rd. launching stendal-server.jar wont really work either giving me a  "Could not find the main class: marauroad. Program will exit"

    Let me note the followings:

    1st. i have manually added and imported into project any package needed by standhal
    2nd. i have configured the project parameters (mainclass & vm options)
    3rd. i haven't used the sql query for mysql server yet ( when it comes to stendhal server )

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-13

    Which version of Netbeans? JDK?

    1) I'm assuming this is the latest version. I would have to try it myself.
    2) We'll need the full stacktrace
    3) Looks to be a missing jar. Do you have marauroa jar included?

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-13

  • plassy

    plassy - 2010-04-13

    if you want it easy you can use the existing ant-buildfile.
    you downloade the ant-pluging (it's listed at the pluging manager dialog tools-plugin). this wil integrate ant into netbeans.
    then you can create a freeform project. after you created the project, you go to the project options and tell netbeans what ant-target you want to use for building/running/cleaning…

    that was the easy way… the other way is to create a new project from existing source… you tell netbeans where the source and tests folders are and after creating the project you have to add the required libraries to your classpath… it's in the project options (properties)

    acctually it's pretty easy too…

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-13

    far as i am concerned theres no ant plugin… well there is but its by default integrated to netbeans… and ant is the default compiler netbean is using

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-14

    after trying again.. by CVS check out and then import checkout into a free form java netbeans project and following the netbeans6 guide it still fails.. While the compilation is all fine same problems with before stendhal.jar wont do anything stendhal-starter.jar same error and stendhal-server.jar still same error

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Can you please provide the exact error message?
    "etc etc etc .." is not helpful.

    Nor are the many spelling mistakes at important places in

    "Something nasty happened while trying to start your self build client: java.lang.classnotfoundexception: games.stendhal.clientstendhal
    If you cannot copy the error message because the dialog does not allow copying, you can make a screenshot.
  • Anonymous - 2010-04-14

    stendhal starter

    stendhal server


    Stendhal does nothing and remains on the background when started.

  • Hendrik Brummermann


    the stendhal-starter-0.xx is only for used for webstart. It is just a tiny client that will download the rest of Stendhal from the internet. As an webstart application it cannot be started outside of webstart.

    stendhal-0.xx is the file to start if you want the to play without download.

    The second error message simply means that marauroa.jar is not on the classpath.

    Please note that you need to have the files in the correct folder structure. Just starting them from temporary folder created by an random intermediate build step will not work.

    The best way to build a client/server using ant is to execute the target "dist". It will generate the, and and the tar.gz with the source code. Those archives contain the required files in the correct folder structure.

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-15

    theres no dist folder in the CVS checked out source..

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-15

    + i have just tried once again to compile it outside netbeans or any IDE using the ant compiler and ti will give the same outcome neatbeans do… Could someone explain exactly the structure of it… like give screenshots or details upon structure if possible?

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    theres no dist folder in the CVS checked out source..

    "dist" is the name of the rule for the ant script.

    ant dist
  • Anonymous - 2010-04-15

    i think you misunderstood me.. i have both tried to compile through console ( cmd ) using ant and IDE

    Oh yeah about time! Hehe thanks a lot.. at least i can try it if i only knew from the start it needed ant dist.. i have tried anything cept ant dist

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Hi george0fl,

    could you improve the manual on building in the wiki? I guess the next person will be thankful if he or she does not run into the same issues again.

    Wiki page explaining how to build Stendhal.

    Thank you



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