Stendhal Running Problems & NetBeans

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-13

    I am having several problems after compiling stendhal and trying to run it…

    1st. clicking on Stendhal.jar wont do anything rather do something endlessly in the background
    2nd. trying to start the game by gives an error " Something nasty happened etc etc etc .. " exception,   ( error located in )
    3rd. launching stendal-server.jar wont really work either giving me a  "Could not find the main class: marauroad. Program will exit"

    Let me note the followings:

    1st. i have manually added and imported into project any package needed by standhal
    2nd. i have configured the project parameters (mainclass & vm options)
    3rd. i haven't used the sql query for mysql server yet ( when it comes to stendhal server )



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