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Log tables

  • Zlatan Momic

    Zlatan Momic - 2011-06-28

    What about data in log tables like gameEvents, halloffame_archive, itemlog, kills, loginEvent, loginseed? With time that tables will have large number of records. Does this affect performance? Do you have any method of archiving them or deleting old log data?

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-06-28

    Hi, as far as I know we don't delete old data.

    On gameEvents we've used rolling partitioning by date as old data is less interesting than new data. I mean simply, rename the existing table to a date-stamped name and create a new table called gameEvents which is empty. Not "MySQL partitioning".

    Other tables (e.g. itemlog) we prefer to keep a full history intact. But they're rarely read and our asynchronous database access means bigger queries, when needed, are not a problem.

    We recently improved the indices on loginEvent as we noticed a delay on login if the database was under load.

    For the website (i.e. Hall of Fame, Recent Events, Kills) we use caching to minimise the number of required reads.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-06-28

    By the way, did you see Huge log tables can be a problem when you want to migrate hardware, and that document explains our solution for migration of a lot of data with very minimal downtime.



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