Problems after problems. Help?

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    I seem to be having heaps of issues installing Marauroa (along with it's dependency programs). I even got an error on the very first step of

    "Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    Could not create the Java virtual machine."

    Since I'm having so many issues, I was curious if someone out there might be willing to just install it all for me (I know some of you have it down pretty well and can get one up and running rather quickly). This is one of the more confusing and troublesome projects I've undertaken. Anyone interested?

    • oslsachem

      oslsachem - 2007-04-04

      Let's make things clear: your goal really isn't compiling/installing marauroa on its own. You want to install marauroa so that you can install and run the Stendhal server and client, right?

      For that purpose you don't need to compile marauroa itself because you can simply use the binaries and installing them is not more difficult than decompressing them in some folder...

      Now, if you want to know how to install Stendhal server or compile Stendhal you can find visual and step by step guides (which include the step of INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING MARAUROA) in this web page:

      They are under the "Build Information" section:

      For Windows XP:

      "Stendhal localhost server on Windows XP® - Visual Installation Guide Step-by-step"

      "Building Stendhal on Windows XP® - Visual Installation Guide Step-by-step"

      For GNU linux / Ubuntu:

      "Installing a Stendhal server on Linux (Visual Installation Guide)"

      "Building Stendhal on Ubuntu® - Installation Guide Step-by-step"

      And don't hesitate to ask any question if you meet any problem while following these guides :)

      By the way, about the console errors you mention above, it would help that you specified your computer's architecture, the amount of RAM memory and the operative system that you're using and perhaps a more detailed log.



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