i want to add a weapon to stendhal

  • clasic_traveller_diehard

    (warning i'm still new to contributing stuff)
      the weapon is a musket(yeah i know stendhals medieval but this gun is not meant to trump bows) as anyone who's read books on early firearms have probably noticed that early guns were inferior to bows in every way except that it did not take as much to train a soldier to use it to its full potential (which at the time wasn't much)
    so the idea is gun are new and ignored. the guys who make bows think that they're the best and that people have no choice but buy from them (which would explain why it costs 300gold to buy a stick and a piece of string tied to both ends) so gun smiths to undermine this cut prices and use arguments like "the ammos cheaper" to try to get people to buy there guns. the gun i'm proposing would be cheaper but also inferior to the basic wooden bow. with half the attack less range a way slower firing rate (historically a trained soldier would do 3 shots a minute) and of coarse much cheaper

    so any ways i made a sprite of the weapon what do i do now

    • Hendrik Brummermann

      Please upload it at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=1111&atid=301111 and if you have already thought about the following information, add you thoughts there:

      * item name
      * class
      * description (the text you see on look)
      * atk stat
      * rate stat

      And we may need projectile for like we need arrows for bows.



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