How to celebrate the 5th birthday of Stendhal

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    Almost 5 years ago, Miguel did the first blog posting covering Stendhal in which it was more than just an idea. So I guess it is time to celebrate.  But how do we celebrate the 5th birthday of Stendhal?

    Your ideas are welcome!

    PS: 10 years ago the Arianne project was created on SourceForge, also Arianne itself is a couple of month older.

  • Kezman

    Kezman - 2010-01-20

    Hello to all, i think…
    1 - Make a new meeting for all players inviting to participate Stendhal game. Also know tastes, hobbies, your fond memories.
    Is possible to make a new item class food of name: pretty giant cake or birthday cake is to be used in the birthday how image with much players saying "Happy 5th birthday of Stendhal"
    2 - It is also time to update to party atmosphere
    3 - Funny raid RPG
    4 - New update?  i think with new better outfits.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    There has been the idea to meet in person in March. If we do such a meeting the location will likely be in Northern Germany because Germany is a rather central place in Europe geographically.

    And I guess we will have a party in game on the next weekend.



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