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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello again. I would like to make all harcoded English messages external and put them into a properties file so that translation of Stendhal to other languages is made easier and does not force to recompile after a translation. What should I do to join Arianne's depelopers community? I have professional experience in JAVA (J2EE, mysql also) but have never used CVS.

    Best regards,
    Ramon Talavera

    • Matthias Totz

      Matthias Totz - 2005-12-30

      Hi Ramon,

      you may want to read the how-to-join-arainne just to get warm :)

      In fact, it is very easy to join arianne. Get a fresh copy of marauroa (the framework) and stenhal (the server/client) and start coding. Once you think  your task has evolved so it can be committed to cvs you just submit a patch to

      Most communication is handled over the developer mailing list, so you should subscribe there.
      Thats all ;)  If you got a question just send it to the dev-mailing list.

      - Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Matthias,
      Before all, thanks. I have seen little to no movement in the mailing list, is it due to Christmas celebrations or didn't I join the devel list correctly?

      I will do my best and try to collaborate, if my everyday job allows me to :).

      Best Regards,
      Ramon Talavera

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Hi Ramon,

      Stendhal was build as a test of Marauroa ( and has served its purpouse perfectly ), but has overrun the initial objetive and it has become a fun and potentially good game.

      So, everything is really hardcoded ugly done on Stendhal ( most of it, although we are refactoring ). Messages can be placed on a text file or in a XML file, but for example chats with NPC are build based on scripts, and they are not easily changeable.

      I will have a look to it, but really I think it is not a priority right now.



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