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  • toolchild

    toolchild - 2010-11-07

    An answer given be nhnb to a proposal about publishing Harold's trade offer on the website

    This is his reply,  you can find the full article here:
    "We have the twitter account and twitter offers an RSS feed. People can
    follow that life. I think those mechanisms are a far better use of
    resources than people refreshing the webpage every couple of minutes."

    Use of resources? What kind of resources do you use if players (lets say 50 of them) refresh the website ( twice a minute)? Outsourcing resources to twitter and RSS? What is your goal? 100 refreshes for the webpage are too many? I cannot believe that.
    Stendhal should work as a community of it's own instead of outsourcing communication to platforms which are definitely unrelated.
    Far better use of resources. Hmm… Nope.
    If the Stendhal developers don't have the resources to handle Standhal trade inside Stendhal…. What should be dealt by the Stendhal server then?

    I got the feeling that you have no idea about Game Theory do you?

    Seriously don't just keep it running/dying. Improve it  So many ides on the feature proposals jut get thrown away. You say those ideas haven't been good ideas. I say you are simply to lazy to give those ideas a chance. Or maybe you are just not able to do the programming to realize them. In both cases… you are doing a bad job. I've seen a lot of ideas over time which would have been a huge improvement and which just got denied.

    Yeah ok, it is your own time and nobody pays you… but that's no excuse.. That's no excuse to ignore players, no excuse to deny so many proposals no excuse to be stop caring and to just do what you feel like doing.  By creating Stendhal you also accepted the responsibility to care about whatever might evolve from do a better job, put more time into it.

    Don't tell me now you don-'t have time because you ave jobs to attend to. Well if you cannot afford the time for this project you are taking care of. Then give it away. Because this project is starving by your lack of motivation to improve it.

    Just like as if you would let your pet starve.

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2010-11-07

    Resources refers to developer time, which we can never have too much.

    Feature requests are not ignored, but there are plenty of tasks to work on, so do not be surprised if a particular pet feature of yours is not immediately implemented. All the developers are already working on some other task. Sometimes we simply need to decide a request is not fitting for the game world or would unbalance it in some way.

    There aren't a huge amount of denied requests really. If you take a look at the closed requests, for the vast majority the reason for closing is that they have been implemented. The second most common is likely that it's a duplicate for an already existing request. Some features can take a long time before they can be done before the needed groundwork is in place (player to player trading has been high in the wish list for years, but got added recently because now we could do it).

    As of giving the project away - we already do. The source is there for those who want to contribute, or - should they think the developers are not taking it in the right direction - making their own version of the game.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    I am sorry that you thought that you could get away with violating the no-bot rule by simple creating new accounts. Just because some commercial games do it this way. It is rather common for free (as in beer) games to not want people around who cause trouble. Second Life even goes so far that it black-lists computers based on the serial number of the first network card and first hard disk. (Second Life is written in C++, so it does have low level hardware access). They don't even consider requests for appeal without a copy of an id-card, drivers license or passport. That is clearly not a direction we want to go.

    To get back to Stendhal you were offered to be allowed to create a new account, with the restriction of only being allowed to login one character at a time. Given that your bad behavior caused calculated costs of several hundred Euros, I personally think that is a very generous offer. (Yes, the processes of handling abuse could be improved, but abuse happens so rarely that it is hardly worth the effort. We are already good at automatically detecting it).

    Luckily we strongly believe in Open Source, so all the software parts required to run a Stendhal server and client are there for you to take and setup somewhere else. I am curious if you can do better. Or you could take the easy route and join one of the other successful Stendhal communities out there. There are even some language specific communities for German, Chinese and Polish.

    If you want to discuss your feature request, it may be better to comment on the tracker item in order to keep it all together in one place.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-11-07

    The Stendhal developers do a lot more than simply run the project or let it die. We release new material every 4-6 weeks. By any standard this is frequent. Please see for the recent news releases and screenshots of new features. We have increasing year on year development activity and a large, active team. Please see .

    If there are any previously rejected ideas which you think are worth looking at again, please raise them specifically. You can try adding a comment to the old idea, or create a new request for it but link to the old closed one so we have the history. You could also raise it in #arianne on if you want some feedback or to start a discussion on it. If you do that please check the public logs afterwards incase you left before a reply was given.

    On a personal note, one of the things I am very proud of in this project is how many people get interested in development through it. They start as a player with no coding experience, and enjoy the game.  They want to give something back, implement an idea for a quest, perhaps, or create their own music or artwork. Our team is really generous is giving time to people, helping them set up a development environment and giving hints or creating tutorials on how to write quests, say. Those who contribute in this way find it really rewarding and of course Stendhal gets the benefit of the contributions, and new team members too.



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