• Nobody/Anonymous

    I know these may have been asked before. but i need to know and i dont know where to find the answers.
    First of Arianne completed enough so that somone could download it and play it on the Internet?
    second...Does it cost anything to play it online the main site that talks about Arianne the Site that  is allowing it to be played as soon as somone downloads the game? Or is it a game that will be in "a store nearest you"?
    finally...If it is actually ready to a degree that someone can play the game how much time would it take to download with an average Download program?

    Id really appreciate the answers to these questions. please contact me at

    • Marek Onuszko

      Marek Onuszko - 2001-08-30

      No, Arianne is unplayable in it's current stage. Alfa1 offers only walking and talking. But Alfa2 is nearly ready and will be soon released. It will be slighty playable. (Alfa2 is version 2 of 7)

      Arianne is free and is going to be free forever. There's really no trick here, you don't have to pay for playing, too ! Arianne is being created for free and for fun.

      How much for download ? Hmm.. This is hard question because Arianne is not ready yet. You won't have to download whole game, just client, program used to connect to server. (because whole world is stored on server). There will be at least 2 diffrent clients - one for 2d isometric viev, and one for 3D first person viev. 3D thirdperson and 2D topviev will be added later. And of course 3D client will need more downloading.

      Warning ! Alfa1 is available for everyone, but next 5 versions will be available only for betatesters, just to avoid "crappy game, it's not working !" opinions . Once Arianne 1.0.0 is done and all (i hope) bugs are hunted, Everyone will be able to download it for free and play for free.

      (List of betatesters for alfa2 is already sealed. More betatesters will be needed when alfa3 will be nearly done.)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Ok, all correct except the last part.
        Arianne will be always free to download and play, but we are going to setup our own server just for betatesters, so we can test the world in a better way than the open approach.

        But you can always download the server and run it on your own. You are free!

      • Anonymous - 2002-02-04

        i dont think you should keep the alpha 2 release from people for too long... alpha one gets kinda boring after playing with it for a couple of hours ;)
        just keep the betatester forums closed and stuff like that... ;)

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          No, no, that is not the point.
          ALPHA 2 will be released soon ( I hope ) but if we run a server, it will only be for betatesters, as we can't pay the bandwidth and we don't want to abuse of people running the server :-)

          Anyway, for ALPHA 2 test the sort will be:
          - RP People
          - Developers, GFX, SFX,...
          - Ideas contributor
          - BetaTesters
          - The Rest until 64-128 persons.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      THX for correcting :-)

    • Anonymous - 2002-02-05

      thats great... cant wait... keep it up guys! =)



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