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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-09-24

    There was a thread by a banned user containing a copyright violation. I accidently deleted the complete thread instead of just the copyright violation. (There is no "Do you really want to do this security question?", but I should have payed more attention anyway).

    That user compared an old map of Stendhal with the map of a commercial game and asked whether it is a good idea to have a concept of the world. Arguging that it would be better to add as much content as possible because new users might find the world to empty.

    Looking at the current map of Stendhal, I don't have the impression that there is too little content. On the contrary, I have the impression that there should be more guidence for new users on what to do when and where to go when.

    Semos city is packed with quests, but players need a way not to get lost. We already did some improvements here with the city wall and the Will-NPC. In the past lots of new players left Semos City without even noticing that they already had reached it.

    In games like Portal, new players are very guided for the first half an hour or even longer. From a development perspective this is very difficult because you want to avoid that impression. Any good ideas on this are welcomed.

    For very new players, rats are the primary target, but they run away as soon as they are attacked. This makes it difficult to kill them.

    Having said that, we are always happy to add new content and even to rewrite the history of areas, if there are good ideas. I suggest to join #arianne on to discuss ideas, so that they can be adapted without wasting a lot of time for reworking.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-09-25

    This was about a adding few buildings in semo plains.
    "building(s?) in semos_plain_ne"

    and going there was rather dull seeing the barren land,
    especially for brand•-new players exploring north of Semos city.

    This was also about immediately dismissing loyal contributors ideas.
    Seems to be a trend on this open source project.

    In addition, Can Stendhal reach it's "full potential" with minor,
    if not trivial additions to the game world?

    Sorry about copyright issue.
    Thank you.

    "add as much content as possible". I don't think so...

    Last edit: Anonymous 2013-09-25
  • bluelads4

    bluelads4 - 2013-09-25


    actually I didn't want to make such a "big thing" out of it ;) I already looked at a few other maps around Semos which aren't related to the plains or at least to the name, so it wouldn't be a problem to place houses on there (e.g. village, would also fit to medieval theme). For the plains it would still be possible to change the style a bit for making it more "plain looking" (e.g. new tilesets which would perfectly fit to such a surrounding) and giving players more to explore and to see.

    It's not about a "not being allowed to do that" here, it was a normal discussion/talk on the IRC to get a few opinions around that idea, which should always be the case before starting to change things without informing people or without knowing how others feel about it.

    I'm contributing stuff for a long time now and also applied tons of patches by other players or by new developers, smaller changes and bigger changes (e.g. map changes, new creatures and stuff), which always gave new content and more ingame changes which players enjoyed in the next releases.

    For guiding new players a bit more arround, the tutorial could maybe be made longer, like guiding newbies to a few more quests and NPCs which they can do. Placing a few maps with the world ingame into Semos city for example, could maybe give a better view on Semos city and everything which is around, maybe with some more danger signs. There already is a map in the library for example, which shows a map part. Such things to explore, hidden items and stuff, could also be fun to look out for.

    That was everything from my side so far,



  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-09-25

    Think I'll just open this project on another host.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-09-28

    compared an old map of Stendhal. Again, I don't think so...

    The "old" map was just MY exersise to learn all the intricate parts of this project (and to complete the atlas).

    My development map is at

    One example is my "Tourney Park" will be in kalavan forest because I will not be bound by zone names. "Buildings in Semos plains", I will say "why not?", instead of "But...or Why...".

    Reading the patches I come to #541 and it's nearly 2 years old.
    This was to help get reburbujo's contribution in play.
    So I created a NPC and other things there: "Ding.., thank you for playing" but we are not accepting food items anymore.

    I kinda like my "brick oven source" idea converting sweet corn aka: real corn to dry corn for cornmeal.
    Thanks kymara and Bluelads4 tiny arrow for the inspiration!

    Still unpublished source code will be at:
    There will be less restrictions, more additions etc.
    And if items or objects don't work they are removed, but to not add them initially...
    It's a shame.

    Anyway the website will be at

    Thank you, wmbec7718

  • bluelads4

    bluelads4 - 2013-09-28


    I'm sorry for disappointing you with giving my point of view about your patches. I looked at them and didn't feel like they were 1. build out in a state at which they can be used (e.g. maps contain lots of errors) or commited, 2. it was a lot of work to work through these patches because they were filled with lots of changes as I explained to you there as well and asked for a better overview on new content which you lately gave.

    I hadn't found time so far to take a look at the new stuff again, I was sick for over a week and wasn't able to do anything during that time. I also told you when you added sweet corn for the first time that we discussed on IRC that new food items are just too much for the current existing world. There are tons of food items already which are rarely used and it would be nicer to work with the already in game existing items, before we will flood the world with new food items, which will also be rarely used then.

    What is a bit disappointing from my side is that we told you a few times already that joining the IRC for having discussions around ideas would be a good thing to do but instead of trying that out, you posted new content and now tell us that we didn't approve any of your patches (although they were some which have been commited) but I have to admit that some ideas you gave weren't clear to me and there was just a bit input around a story behind those changes. I wanted to take a new look into the new posted things but as I said, I didn't find time so far because of being ill.

    We are working on stendhal in our free and spare time as you know and it's quite annoying to be placed in here now as selfish and "power abusing" in relation of adding or non-adding new content. Not sure why we can't have a normal discussion and reached this point here now.

    All from my side again,




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